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Accreditation of educational organizations – acceptance’s procedure for conformity of educational services by accrediting agency established standard in order to provide objective information about quality and confirmation of the presence effective mechanisms for its improvement.

Institutional accreditation – estimation of activity of educational organization on the qualitative representation of educational programs in according the declared status.

Specialised accreditation – quality’s estimation of separate educational programs that are realized by educational organization.

International accreditation – accreditation of educational organization or separate vocational training programs in tne foreign accreditation’s agency.

S.Seifullin KATU provides accreditation in order to:

  • tend to show its commitment to quality of educational services;
  • provide competitiveness on Kazakhstan’s and international market of educational services;
  • get independent evaluation and recommendations for improving realization of educational programs at university.

Procedure of institutional and specialized accreditation was carried out in S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University in February 2014 by independent agency for accreditation and rating (HAAP).

In May, the Accreditation Board of the accreditation certificates awarded by the university institutional accreditation of educational programs and 18 for a period of 5 years.

Educational program self-assessment reports

Certificate for Completion of institutional accreditation

6B01401 Vocational Education "Technical Maintenance and Service of Automobiles
7M01401 Leadership in Professional Education (2 years)
8D01401 Management in Technical and Vocational Education
6B07301 Architecture
7M07301 Architecture
8D07301 Architecture
6B08302 Landscape design and gardening
6B02101 Design
7M02101 Design (2 years)
7М08103 Vegatable growing of the protected ground
6В05103 Biology
6B05102 Biotechnology
7М05102 Plant biotechnology
7M05101 Veterinary Biotechnology
6B08101 Agronomy
7М08102 Agrotechnology
8D08102 Organic Farming
6B05201 Natural Resources Using
6B07201 Food Science
7M07201 Food Science (2 years)
8D07201 Food Science
6B08701 Agroengineering
7M08702 Agroengineering (2 years)
8D08701 Agroengineering
6B08104 Phytosanitary Safery
7М08104 Phytosanitary Monitoring
8D08104 Phytosanitary Technology
6B08502 Energy Supply and Automation of Agriculture
6B08201 Animal Husbandry
7M08201 Feed and Feeding of Farm Animals (2 years)
8D08201 Animals Science
6B06101 Software Engineering
6B07103 Electrical engineering
8D06102 Systems engineering
6B06102 Business Informatics
8D06103 Modeling and optimization of business processes
7M06103 Information Business Analytics (2 у.)
7M06101 Information Systems and IT Solutions by Industry (2 years)
8D06101 Big Data Analitics
6B06201 Telecommunications Networks and Systems
7M06204 Multiservice Telecommunication Technologies (2 years)
7M07103 Electricity networks (2 у.)
8D07103 Electrotechnical complexes and systems
6В07302 Geodesy and cartography
6B07303 Cadastre
7M07303 Cadastre (2 у.)
6B04107 Assessment
7M04107 Assessment (2 y.)
8D04106 Assessment
6В07304 Land management
7М07304 Land management (2 у.)
5В080700 Forest resources and forestry
6М080700 Forest resources and forestry
6D080700 Forest resources and forestry
5В080800 Soil Science and Agrochemistry
6М080800 Soil Science and Agrochemistry
6D080800 Soil Science and Agrochemistry
5В080400 Fish economy and industrial fisheries
6М080400 Fish economy and industrial fisheries
5В073200 Standardization and Certification (in branches)
6М073200 Standardization and Certification (in branches)
6D073200 Standardization and Certification
5В070400 Computing and Software
6М070400 Computing and Software
5В071800 Electric power engineering
6М071800 Electric power engineering
5В050900 Finance
6М050900 Finance
6D050900 Finance
5В050600 Economics
6М050600 Economics
6D050600 Economics
5В051100 Marketing
6М051100 Marketing
6D051100 Marketing
6B04103 Business Management and Entrepreneurship
7M04101 Agrarian Management (2 years)
8D04101 Agro-Industrial Complex Management
6B04106 Accounting, Auditing and Tax Consulting
7M04104 Accounting and Legal Support of Business (2 years)
8D04103 Accounting and Auditing in Accordance with International Standards
6B07104 Technological Machinery and Equipment
6B07105 Mechanical Engineering
7M07106 Mechanical Engineering (2 years)
8D07105 Mechanical Eengineering
6B07101 Thermal Power Engineering
7M07101 Thermal Engineering (2 years)
8D07101 Renewable Energy
6B07108 Automation and Energy Efficiency of Processes and Production
7M07105 Control of Technical Systems (2 years)
7M08705 Energy Supply and Automation of Agriculture (2 years)
8D08703 Energy Supply and Automation of Agriculture
6B07106 Transport, Transport Equipment and Technology
7M07107 Transport, Transport Equipment and Technology (2 years)
8D07106 Transport, Transport Equipment and Technology
6B08301 Hunting and Fur Farming
7M08304 Rational Use of Natural Bioresources (2 years)
7М08302 Bioresources management
6B09101 Veterinary Safety
7M09101 Diagnostics, Treatment and Prophylaxis of Animals' Diseases (2 years)
8D09101 Veterinary Welfare of Animals
6B09102 Food Safety
7M09102 Safety and Quality of Food Production (2 years)
8D09102 Sanitary Ecological Safety of Animal Production