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International cooperation and multilingual education development center

Brendbook-2020 KATU

International Cooperation and Multilingual Education Development Center (further IC and MEDC) of S. Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University carries out its activity according to the Constitution of the RK, the Law "About Education" and other normative documents in the field of education. International Cooperation and Multilingual Education Development Center was formed according to the university Rector’s order (No. 341 from 16.06.2012 and No. 343 from 10.11.2012). 

The main objectives of IC and MEDC are the following: 

  • to improve the preparation system of teaching staff for multilingual education programs;
  • to form "the new quality standards" - systems of additional requirements to the contents, conditions and results of educational process;
  • to modernize scientific and methodical base for multilingual education development;
  • to realize new mechanisms of multilingual education development at the S. Seifullin KATU;
  • to provide a sustainable development of multilingual education programs;
  • to support and develop the international activity of university;
  • to realize the integration of  S. Seifullin KATU in world educational and scientific systems; 
  • to provide informational support for the international activity of the university; 
  • to carry out the work with foreign students.

010011  Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana,

Pobedy Avenue 62, Offices 1314, 1310

Tel.: 8 (7172) 384407, 8 (7172) 317719

Fax: 8 (7172) 384407