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Vision, mission and strategy «S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University» JSC

For the purpose of successive transformation into a research agrarian university of western type in 2015 a new KATU development strategy till 2025 (hereinafter - KATU-2025) was developed and approved.

KATU-2025 strategy was approved at a meeting of the Academic Council on June, 3 2015, protocol No20, and by the Board of Directors of KATU on December, 14 2015.

Vision, mission and strategy «S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University» JSC «KATU-2025»

Vision – By realization of mission and strategy Kazakh agro technical university named after Saken Seifullin (further - KATU) aspires to become a research university of the international level in the sphere of agro-industrial complex and the related to it branches:

  • with the competitive scientific potential involved in the solution of priority tasks of a wide range of the scientific schools;
  • with the unique training programs projecting the results of the scientific researches in educational process, providing the training of specialists with thorough education and developed skills of applying the gained knowledge in real production;
  • closely integrated into world scientific and educational space, having partner relationships with the world's leading research universities and scientific centers of the similar profile;
  • actively introducing scientific results through educational process, distribution of knowledge and commercialization of technologies;
  • with the best corporate management system among higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Mission of KATU - generation, introduction, distribution and application of the advanced knowledge for improvement of quality of life, increase of labor productivity and competitiveness of agrarian and industrial complex and other branches of the economy of Kazakhstan. 

Strategy of KATU till 2025 is construction of the best in Kazakhstan and conforming to the international standards system of the advanced training of specialists and research and educational personnel by providing ample opportunities of choice of the level, content, form and terms of teaching on the basis of unique training programs and academic mobility. 

In a priority order KATU will develop collaboration with the organizations – consumers of scientific development and employers of graduates at all stages: from joint formulation of priority tasks to the introduction of scientific results in practice. 

The strategic objectives of KATU till 2025 inclusive are:

  • job placement of no less than 60% of graduates on the specialty within three months after graduating, confirmed by independent sources;
  • the average index of quoting of one publication according to the Web of Science base will be no less than 2;
  • a share in total revenue of the income (1) from no less than 30% of scientific activity, (2) from no less than 12,5% of the introduction of scientific results;
  • international accreditation of no less than 50% of educational training programs. 

The achievement of strategic objectives will be carried out by means of the solution of the following tasks:

  • the reorganization of KATU into the autonomous organization of education;
  • the achievement and maintenance of the highest qualification of the teaching staff, administrative and support personnel;
  • the expansion of scientific researches, the transfer of the advanced knowledge and technologies in the most priority directions for Kazakhstan;
  • modernization of the educational process by introduction of the unique educational training programs developed on the basis of own scientific results with the participation of employers, leading domestic and foreign professors and scientists;
  • the development of polylingual training and formation of the English-speaking language environment for the purpose of the transfer of missing competences and training of graduates according to the conventional standards in the world;
  • the expansion of the international collaboration with the world's leading research universities and scientific centers within the academic mobility, research and innovative projects;
  • the modernization and expansion of educational, research, production and experimental and social infrastructure for the improvement of educational process, living conditions of the students and teaching staff;
  • unceasing actualization of the civil and educational and cultural work directed at formation of a comprehensively developed, creative personality;
  • the formation of a stable opinion on the prestigiousness and elitism of the education in KATU in the society.

Internationalization strategy of the Saken Seifullin Кazakh Aagrotechnical University for 2020-2024