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Educational and Methodical work

The Methodical Council functions at the University chaired by A. M.Abdyrov, the First Deputy Chairman of the Board with the aim of improving and coordinating educational and methodical work at the university, operational management and control of methodological commissions at the faculties.
There are 4 sections in its structure:
1. Section of curricula and programs discusses and approves the work curricula of Bachelor majors by all forms of education, considers the catalogues of elective courses in majors, supervises the work of the committees on curriculum and programs at the faculties.
2. Section of improving the forms and methods of training, knowledge control and students’ skills organizes and conducts roundtables and workshops for lecturers on the issues of credit system of education, distance learning and multilingual education.
3. Section of the management of education quality conducts seminars on the problems of ensuring the quality of learning process, prepares materials for participation in international academic rankings of universities.
4. Section of reviewing and planning the publication of educational materials supervises the issues of educational materials publication.

The rectorate, the chairmen of methodological commissions of the faculties, deans, heads of departments and faculty members strive to provide the most necessary literature in multilingual education in the connection with the implementation of the Program of the development of multilingual education at the University in 2012-2016. Particular attention is paid to the development of EMCD (Educational and Methodical Complex of Disciplines), publication of textbooks and manuals in English, dictionaries in three languages. In the plan for the publication of educational materials in the 2015-2016 studying year it is included 435 names of EML (Educational and Methodical Literature), 189 of them in the official language and 40 in English. It is purchased by the library 1640 copies of educational materials in English.

Methodical Council of the University

Modular educational programs of the University

Strategy for improving the quality of training specialists

Department of teaching and methodological support of Departament for academic affairs