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Department of teaching and methodological support of Departament for academic affairs

Educational and methodological activities at the university are carried out under the guidance of the Department of Academic and Methodological Support of the Department on Academic issues.

The principal activities of the department of educational and methodological support of the Department on Academic issues:

  • management of the development of modular educational programs in the bachelor's specialties;
  • work on the organization, planning and control of the publication of educational and methodological literature, including the formation of an annual plan for the publication of the university; work on the coordination, planning and preparation for the publication of catalogs of elective disciplines, Educational methodical complex of syllabuses, teaching materials;
  • methodical guidance of the curriculum committees, committees of  Study programmes, quality control committees of the Students' Individual Work of faculties;
  • organization of work of the Methodological Council of the University, methodical commissions of faculties;
  • dissemination of best practices in the field of teaching and methodological work, development of recommendations for improving the educational process, organization of scientific and methodological conferences of the university, methodological seminars;
  • Preparation of relevant proposals for the management of the educational process and their introduction for consideration at the meeting of the Academic Council;
  • organization of the work of the integrated commission for the audit of departments and faculties; control on the introduction into the automated system "Platonus" of the curriculum of bachelor's specialties;
  • development of QMS documentation on teaching and methodological work.

Structure of the department:

Zhumakul Kabdulmalikovna Alzhapparova – head of the department, candidate of biological sciences, associate professor

Arailym Kozybagarovna Baizakova – senior specialist of the department

Department contacts:

010011 Astana, Pobedy Aveue, main building, 2rd floor, 1226  room

Contact phone numbers: 8(7172)31-70-08.