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Methodical Council of the University

Objectives of the Methodological Board:

  • improvement and coordination of educational and methodical work;
  • development and implementation of new teaching technologies;
  • provision of advanced training for teachers;
  • organization of the activity of the methodological commissions of the faculties at the university.

Tasks of the Methodological Council:

  • planning, organization of expertise and recommendation for the publication of educational, educational and methodological and scientific-methodical literature, manuals and other materials published in the university;
  • methodological support and improvement of the educational process at the university;
  • generalization and dissemination of best practices in the organization and improvement of teaching and methodological work;
  • Preparation of recommendations on the development of the quality management system and the introduction of the results of methodological developments in the educational process;
  • coordination of methodological work in the university;
  • organization of work on introduction of new and improvement of existing technologies, methods, teaching aids in the university;
  • coordination of work to improve the scientific and methodological potential of the teaching staff;
  • development of proposals on the issues of the development of education and the formation of priority directions in its implementation.

There are 4 sections in the Methodical Council:

  1. Curriculum and curriculum section
  2. Section for improving the forms and methods of teaching, controlling the knowledge, skills and skills of students
  3. Section of the quality management system of education
  4. Section for reviewing and planning the release of educational and methodological literature

In order to improve the teaching and methodological work at the University, the main directions and ways of their implementation have been developed.