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Quality Management Section

The directions of activity of the section of the quality management system of education are

  • preparation of materials for participation in international academic ratings;
  • study of the requirements of accreditation bodies; the organization of an integrated audit;
  • updating of internal regulatory documents.

The chairman of the section is Aldabergenova S.S.

Within the framework of the work of the section, a comprehensive audit of the departments of the faculties was conducted annually over the past ten years.

The complex check is carried out in accordance with the schedule on the basis of the order of the Chairman of the Board, in which the members of the integrated commission are appointed: internal auditors and experts.

The composition of the commissions includes chairmen of the methodological commissions of the faculties and specialists of the quality service. Once during the school year, the internal audit of the QMS is conducted on the basis of the methodical instruction "The procedure for carrying out an integrated audit" of the department. When carrying out internal audit, the processes described in the documents of the quality management system and compliance with the requirements of the State Educational Standards of the University departments are checked.

Experts check:  the provision of educational and methodological complexes of specialties, the methodological provision of bachelor's and master's programs, the timeliness of the publication of the planned educational and methodological literature, the degree of introduction of electronic textbooks, their availability in the university electronic library, the work on developing the academic mobility of teaching staff and students, state, Russian and English languages, the quality of registration of "Maps of educational and methodological provision of UML disciplines", work on the introduction of the discipline "Professional-oriented foreign language, the use of the most relevant forms and methods of teaching, including the development of video lectures, the use of interactive whiteboards, a rational combination of methodological techniques, the effective use of modern educational equipment and laboratory equipment and other indicators.

According to the revealed discrepancies, the commission draws up an act of shortcomings and remarks with corrective actions. After the time allotted for eliminating the discrepancy, the commission confirms the elimination of the shortcomings. At the meetings of the Methodological Council, based on the results of comprehensive inspections, an analysis of identified non-conformances, monitoring of the implementation of the developed corrective and preventive actions is carried out.

In order to improve the system of integrated audit of the faculties departments:

  • the introduction of new indicators of complex inspections of faculties in accordance with the requirements of international accreditation;
  • attracting experienced teachers for complex inspections;
  • the submission to the Academic Council of the reports of the departments and faculties having serious violations in the organization of the URD and ULR;
  • increasing the responsibility of the head. departments and deans for the elimination of comments identified by the integrated commissions.

The direction of the section activities