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Employment of KATU named after S.Seifullin graduates

A regular work on assistance in employment is conducted at university. Carrying out of vacancies fairs which became traditional is the basic action at university on employment of graduates during the last years. Representatives of 40 organizations participated at fair «Graduate-2010» representatives of MARK- Department of a science, Committee on territories affairs, Department of animal industries processing, Pavlodar land management and others. By the results of fair 90 students-graduates have concluded preliminary contracts, 159 have orally agreed about the subsequent conclusion of the tripartite contract.
Representatives of 50 organizations have arrived on a fair: representatives of MARK- Committee of fish facilities, «Agrocentre-Astana», joint-stock company "KEGOC", joint-stock company "Astana-Energy", joint-stock company «BТА Bank», Karaganda land management and others. The quantity of graduates of 2010 on 35 specialities at university makes 1686, 737 of graduates are employed.
From February, 7th till April, 17th, 2012 the fair «Graduate-2012» on which representatives of 97 organizations participated is lead: representatives of MARK- joint-stock company «National operating holding "Kaz-Agro", Committee of wood and hunting facilities MARK, RSE «Republican quarantine laboratory»,
«Center of vocational guidance and employment of youth», Open Company "BI-Group", JSC "BI-Holding" NTSMR MA RK, JSC «Kazakhstan center of geoinformation systems», joint-stock company «Euroasian bank», joint-stock company "AREK", etc. Quantity of graduates 2012y on 35 specialities at university makes 1467, 1115 of graduates are employed.
The fair «The Graduate - 2013» is spent at faculties of university from february, 15th till April, 25th, 2013y. In this connection representatives of joint-stock company «National holding "Kaz-Agro" and its structural divisions, KGP «The center of employment» employers and all interested persons were invited. The quantity of graduates of 2013 on 35 specialities at university makes 1224, 785 of graduates are employed.

Data on employment of KATU named after S.Seifullin graduates for the period within 2010 for 2014

Representatives of 120 organizations participated at the fair «The Graduate - 2014». Among active participants of fair Open Company «Kazakh scientific research institute of a forestry», «Karkalinsk college of a forestry», RSE «Fitosanitary», joint-stock company "Atameken-Agro" ", joint-stock company
«BI GROUP», JSC " Project institute "Astanaproekt", MARK Committee of veterinary supervision and control, Northern branch «Kazakh scientific research institute of fish facilities», Karaganda scientific research institute of Plant growing and selection, JSC «grain husbandry» named after Baraev, joint-stock company «National center of examination and certification», «Astana electrotechnical factory», etc. Quantity of graduates of 2014 on 35 specialities at university makes 1518, 1104 of graduates are employed.

Concerning participation in fair address in office of the registrar of university on ph. 8(7172) 31-75-62, 30-21-98. Applications for orders of experts are accepted on ph. (fax) 31-60-72; e-mail: <>. In the application we ask to specify the name of a speciality, quantity of demanded experts, a post, wages and an opportunity of habitation allocation.
The schedule of carrying out of fair «Graduate-2014» <> and data about quantity of graduates in the section of specialities.

The schedule of the fair carrying out «Graduate-2014» and data about the quantity of graduates in the section of specialities