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Practical training of students

The basis of consolidation of the theoretical knowledge of students in high school is a practical training. Practical training of students is an essential part of the educational process and is intended to prepare students for work activities. The objectives of the training are the acquisition of practical skills, consolidation of theoretical knowledge, the mastery of skills and abilities, organizational skills of teamwork.
 During training students in accordance with the state mandatory standards of education do various kinds of vocational practice:  introductory training, practical training, teaching practice, industrial, and pre-graduate practice.
The purpose of practical training and introductory training is to familiarize the student with the basics of their future professional activity, to obtain information about the specifics of the chosen direction of preparation, with the functions and tasks of the future professional activity. Practical training  is conducted on 1 and 2 courses under the supervision of the relevant departments in training workshops, laboratories, landfills, hospitals, other educational and support units of the university , as well as in organizations, relevant future careers.

Programs of practical and introductory trainings are developed and are available at the departments. Work  practice is organized on 3 and 4 courses after completing a course of special disciplines, which provides work practice. The program of work practice is developed and approved by the graduate chair. Bases of work practices are organizations corresponding to the profile of specialty trained.

The university administration, academic teaching staff of departments and management departments are systematically working to expand the practice bases. The contract were signed with 930 enterprises and organizations (Table 1 - List of bases practices KATU S.Seifullin) over the past five years (2010-2015. Among the 51 database practices Scientific research institutes, 8 National Laboratories, 24 branch centers. In addition, contracts  were signed with 820 companies and organizations, with one enterprise SPFIIDK , with 26 foreign partner universities.

Information on the number of practice bases for practical training of students KATU of S.Seifullin