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The Department of Agriculture and Plant Growing

The Department of agriculture and crop production is one of the leading scientific and educational divisions of JSC "S.Seifullin Kazakh agrotechnical University". The Department was organized on September 1, 1961.

The Department is producing in the specialty 5B080100 - "Agronomy", 6M080100- "Agronomy", 6D080100 – "Agronomy" and since 2019 in the group OP B077, M131, D131 - "Crop Production". Training of specialists of agronomic profile is conducted since 1958, and in the specialty 5B080100 - "Agronomy", 6M080100 - "Agronomy" since 2005, in the specialty 6D080100 - "Agronomy" since 2012.

Bachelor students are trained according to the educational programs: "Breeding and seed production", "Agriculture", Master's students are trained in the scientific and pedagogical direction "Agrotechnology", "Breeding field crops" "Vegetable protected ground", Doctoral students are trained in the scientific areas "Genetics and selection of agricultural crops", "Organic farming".

Educational programs passed specialized accreditation in. According to the independent Agency of accreditation and rating in the ranking of universities of Kazakhstan in areas and levels of training in 2020, the specialty 5B080100, 6M080100 - "Agronomy" took first place in the Republic.

The training ofthe specialty is carried out by 27 teachers, including 2 Doctorsof agricultural sciences, 1of themisAcademician, there are 3 Professors, 6 Doctors of sciences, 5 Masters and 14 Candidatesof sciences, 6of them have the academic title ofAssistantProfessor and 4 of them have the academic title of Associate Professor. The degree of the department is more than 84%

Teachers of the Department Amantaev B. O., Baitelenova A. A. and Rysbekova A. B. are fellows of the President of Kazakhstan under the program "Bolashak". Professor of the Department Serekpaev N. A. was the owner of the state grant "The Best teacher of the University" in 2012, Baitelenova A. A. - in 2018 and Professor Stybaev G. Zh. – in 2019.

Within the framework of dual training, separate disciplines are conducted in the Scientific and experimental Campus of KazATU and branches of the Department as Scientific and Production Center for Grain Management named after A.I. Barayev, North Kazakhstan Agricultural Experimental Station, in laboratories and departments of research institutes, in large agricultural enterprises and farms.

Master and doctoral students are taught in three languages

The Department has 16 equipped specialized offices and laboratories, 2 computer classes. The laboratories of the Department are equipped with modern devices and equipment, including-IR grain Analyzer, system of devices for determining the quantity and quality of gluten, infrared analyzer of whole grain, multifunctional analyzer, etc.

The Department conducts research on the priority: "a Complex of biologically and economically justified systems of land use based on the principles of greening and resource conservation, ensuring sustainable productivity of agricultural land and reproduction of soil fertility."

Faculty of the Department carries out research funded, including 12 projects under the program of the Ministry of education and agriculture of Kazakhstan, International image projects and projects based on contracts with economic entities.

The total amount of funding is for September 2020 is 173.6 million tenge. The share of participation of faculty of Department in scientific activity makes more than 97%.

In the period from 2016 to 2020, the staff of the Department developed and published more than 160 scientific and educational publications, including 62 articles published in journals recommended by the KKSON MES RK, 19 articles published in journals included in the international databases ISI Web of Knowledge, Thomson Reuters (non-zero impact factor), Scopus, 59 articles published in the materials of international conferences, 7 patents and 8 acts of introduction into production.

The bases of practices for students are more than 30 large agricultural enterprises and research institutes of the Republic. Dual training was introduced in the specialty. In 2020, employment of Bachelor's graduates was 50%, Master's graduates was 93%, Doctoral graduates was 100%.

The department is headed by Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Amantayev B.O.

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