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Аmantayev Bekzat Omirzakovich

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Senior lecturer,              

Head of  "Agriculture and Crop production" Department

Office 5202, tel. +7(7172)38-39-59


Sphere of scientific interests

Innovation in conservation agriculture

Delivered disciplines

Crop production, Technology of storage and processing of plant products

Main research areas

Effective use of geographic information systems (GIS) in case of cultivation of crops.

Exact agriculture – an innovation in system of resource-saving agriculture.

Current research projects (which are in the active phase in his/her laboratory, the data about the sponsors, if the funding is external)

  1. "Development of innovative technology of receipt of environmentally friendly agricultural products with preserving and increase in fertility of soils on the basis of culture of the tributary in the conditions of Northern Kazakhstan".
  2. "Development of technology of improvement of the degraded pastures and their rational use in the conditions of a steppe zone of the Akmola region".

Master and Doctorate students working under his/her supervision

Zhubatkhan Askar  Abdikarimovich

Shilter Zhanbakhyt Dastanovich


1992-1997           S. Seifullin Akmolinsk Agricultural University, Agronomy Faculty, Agronomist

Work experience

1997-2001           Junior researcher of the South - Kazakhstan SRI  of Agriculture

2001-2003           Senior researcher of the Southwest Research and Production Center

2003-2006           Head of the laboratory of  Plant Biotechnology in South-Western Scientific Production Center

2006-2007           Senior lecturer at the South Kazakhstan State University

2007-2012           Deputy Dean of Agricultural Faculty of the South Kazakhstan State University

2014 – 2015        Senior lecturer of the Department of Agriculture and Crop production of S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University

2015                   Head of  the Department  of Agriculture and Crop production of S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University

Advanced training courses

2011                    Internal auditor of system of quality management, certificate №12.036.06., Shymkent

2012                    Course on " Crop production ", certificate  №2155,  Astana

2013                    Scientific training at K. A. Timiryazev Russian State Agrarian University, Russia

2013                    International scholarship of the President  of RK "Bolashak"

Local, national and international meetings (seminars, conferences he/she has attended for the last three years)

  1. International scientific and practical conference of the department of agriculture of the Voronezh GAU devoted to the 100 anniversary (10-12 of November, 2013), Voronezh.
  2. Central Asian the international conference "Innovations and traditions in modern education: development priorities" (7-9 of April, 2014), Almaty.
  3. A training in university of the State of Missouri (07 - 19.11.2016)

Publliched works

The author  has published more than 40 scientific works. The most significant are the following:

  1. Беленков А.И., Зеленев А.В.Приемы биологизации в севооборотах Нижнего Повольжя. Ж.Земледелие. Агропоиск. Москва. №1, 2014. С.18-21.
  2. Турганбаев Н, Исабеков Б. Возделывание сои на юге Казахстана. Ж. Вестник Российской акедемии сельскохозяйственных наук, №6, 2013. С.24-26.
  3. Belenkov A.I., Кashkarov A.A, Sidik D.A., Effect of presowing tillage on hydrophysical properties of soil and winter yield under irrigated conditions in sothern Kazakhstan. Russian Agricultural sciences, 2014, Vol.40,4, pp.275-277.
  4. Сыдык Д.А. Әртүрлі өсіру технологияларына байланысты күздік бидай егістігінің фотосинтетикалық әрекеті және өнімділігі. Ж. Вестник науки Казахского агротехнического университета им С.Сейфуллина. Астана 2015. №1 (84). С. 72-78.