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Department of agriculture and plant growing history

The history of the department is closely linked to the development of virgin and fallow lands in Northern Kazakhstan, where in the center of a vast virgin region of Akmola Decree of the USSR Council of Ministers №1176 from 3.10.1957. Akmola Agricultural Institute was organized. On march 29, 1960  the Department of Agriculture was organized in the Institute, and then  on September 1, 1961 Department of Plant.

The first head of the Department of Agriculture until 1979 was the candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor Lev Sergeyevich Roktanen. In subsequent years, the department was headed by candidates of agricultural sciences as A.V. Ivannikov (1979-1989), R.H.Karipov (1989 1998), N.V. Shramko (1998-2001), A.U. Amralin (2001-2004). I.I.Zhumagulov (2004-2009).

The first head of the department was associate Rzhanov T.S., production worker, who headed the department from 1961 to 1966, after a short time in 1966-1967. working head of chair Malyutin M.G. and Tsepenko A.A. In subsequent years, the department was headed by associate professors, k.a.s. Mozhaev N.I. (1968-1979), Nurgaliyev A.N. (1979-1990), Arina K.K. (1990-2000), Shestakova N.A. (2000-2008), Musynov K.M. (2008-2012), c 2012 to 2015 - the candidate of agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Stybaev G.Zh, since 2015 March the department is headed by candidate of agricultural science   Amantayev B.O. 

Первые учебные корпуса

Rzhanov T.S.

Первые учебные корпусаNurgaliyev A.N.

Первые учебные корпуса

Eremetova Z.N.

In the first stage of formation of the teachers at the Department of Plant Growing worked Russian graduates of agricultural universities, most of which have gone through a good production experience and tempering - docents Rzhanov T.S., Tsepenko A.A., Kleev M.M., Martynyuk R.T., Sorokina T.A., Eremetova Z.N., Khovanov V.G., Malyutin M.G., previously worked in different regions of Russia, especially in Siberia.

Первые учебные корпуса

Мartynyuk R.Т.

Первые учебные корпуса

Еrkenbaev N/S.

Первые учебные корпуса

Nesterenko А.G.

In 1963 the department of "Vegetable and plant protection" was separated from the Department of crop production, which in the 1963-1976 led Kleev M.M., from 1971 to 1982. - his disciple Professor Schepetkov N.G. In 1979, the teachers of the department of crop created a new Department of feed production, which was in charge from 1979 to 1989. Professor Mozhaev N.I., and then these two departments merged into the Department of Plant Growing.

Первые учебные корпуса

Arinov K.K.

Первые учебные корпуса

Schepetkov N.G.

Первые учебные корпуса

Mozhaev N.I.

Since 1963, the training of graduate students on full-time and correspondence courses began at the Department of Agriculture. The first school graduate was accepted in KazNAU  by A.V. Ivannikov. In general, post-graduate training at the Department of Agriculture under the leadership of Roktanen have been 16 people who have successfully defended their dissertations (A.N. Kolebaeva, A.V. Ivannikov, V.V. Priyadka, B.C. Karipov, I.H. Dosayev, V.G. Khovanov, A.T. Turarbek, H.J. Sylkimbekov, R.G. Uteulin, Y.A. Laznik, V.S. Stetsenko and Buyankin N.I., K.M. Mukazhanov (co-director Associate Professor A.N. Kolebaeva, 1983) and A.D. Lushnikov (co-director Associate Professor A.V. Ivannikov, 1984), Iskakov M.A., Luzko A.T., Lazorenko G.S. and others.

           Collective of the department of plant growing

Collective of the department of vegetable growing

Specialty 06.01.09.-plant growing with 1973 Dissertation Council for PhD theses has been opened, the permanent chairman of all these years has been Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Mozhaev N.I., on the Board works as a teacher of the department: Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Schepetkov N.G., PhD Arinov K.K., Shestakova N.A., Iskakov M.A., Musynov K.M., Serekpaev N.A., Stybaev G.Zh., Gordeeva E.A.

Mozhaev N.I.

Кaripov R.H.

From 2008 to 2010 the was opened united council  for doctoral dissertation university , including plant growing under the chairmanship of d.a.s. Alimzhanova B.O., as part of the Board of the doctor of agricultural sciences from the Department of Plant Musynov K.M. (Deputy Chairman), Mozhaev N.I. and Schepetkov N.G. (Board member), which took place protection for the degree of doctor of agricultural sciences Serekpaev N.A., as well as for the degree of candidate of agricultural sciences Yatsyuk S.V., Arinov B.K., Zhanbyrshina N.J., Didenko S.V. and etc.

Department tradition is - the creation of scientific schools. The age structure of managers and students, working up to the present time the department is as follows on the block of disciplines: crop - Arinov K.K. - students Gordeeva E.A., Musynov K.M., which in turn produced c.a.s. Arinova B.K. Kipshakbaevu AA., Shestakova N.A. prepared through postgraduate Yatsyuk S.V. and Didenko S.V., working at the Department of Senior Lecturer.

Mozhaev N.I. prepared working at the department of k.a.s. Iskakov M.A., Serekpaev N.A. who defended his thesis, and then doctoral thesis, PhD Stybaeva G.Zh. and then under the leadership Serekpaeva N.A. doctorate Nogayev A.A., Schepetkov N.G. on the block disciplines vegetable and fruit prepared c.a.s. Zhanbyrshinu N.Zh., who working in the department.

Первые учебные корпуса

Khovanova V.G.

Первые учебные корпуса

Tsepenko А.А.

Первые учебные корпуса

Sorokina Т. А.

The Department of Agriculture and Plant Growing was reorganized in 2012, the department included teachers of two departments of agriculture and crop production, which were organized first at the faculty.

Since 1962, it produced more than 4,500 experts in the field of agriculture.

Currently, the department of agriculture and crop production is graduating with a degree in Bachelor (5B080100-Agriculture), graduate (6M080100-Agriculture) and PhD (6D080100-Agriculture). Since 2005, the Department is preparing masters in specialty "Agronomy", since 2012 the training of doctoral thesis.

Collective of the department of agriculture

Teachers of the department for the last period published a number of textbooks and teaching aids: Field culture of Northern Kazakhstan (Mozhaev N.I., 1979), Grassland (Mozhaev N.I., 1986), Crop (Arinov K.K., Mozhaev N.I., Shestakova N.A., 1993.2016), Workshop on the crop (Arinov K.K., Shestakova N.A. et al. 1996, 2004), meadows and pasture forage production (Mozhaev N.I., N.A. Serekpaev, 2002), production technology, storage, processing and standardization of crop production (2001, 2003) Workshop on the storage and processing of crop production technology (Musynov K.M., Mukatova S.S. 2004.), potato cultivation technology in Northern Kazakhstan (1992), "Scientific bases of agriculture" (L.S. Roktanen and A.V. Ivannikov, 1982), "Workshop on methodology of experimental work" (V.P. Tomilov, 1983), "Rotations and treatment of soils of Northern Kazakhstan "(A.V. Ivannikov, 1983). "Agriculture is the Northern Kazakhstan" (A.V.Ivannikov, N.V. Shramko, K.M. Mukazhanov, 1999), "Experimental plant matter" (V.P. Tomilov, 2001.) "Agriculture of Northern Kazakhstan"(A.T. Turarbek, A.V. Ivannikov 1990). "Farmer Handbook" (2000). "The workshop on agriculture" (Assoc. A.D. Karipov, 2002), "Technology of production, storage and processing / agricultural products" (R.H.Karipov, I.I. Zhumagulov et al., 2001 Kazakh and Russian languages), "Workshop on biometrics" (lecturers A.V. and V.P. Ivannikov Tomilov, 2002.) "Agricultere workshops" (docents R.H.Karipov, I.I. Zhumagulov, A.U.Amralin, 2005.), with the stamp of MES of RK textbook "Agriculture" (docents R.H.Karipov, I.I.Zhumagulov, 2016).

Plant growing department provides scientific training together with foreign universities. Senior lecturer Nogayev A.A. in 2014 defended his thesis (Mongolian State Agricultural University) and received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy PhD on a specialty "Agronomics" in 2015 successfully completed nostrification in the Republic of Kazakhstan (order number 974, 7 July 2015).

In 2016 for the first time, on a specialty 6D080100 - «Agronomy», successfully defended his doctoral thesis on the basis of our university, and O. Khurmetbek, Utelbaev E.A. were awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Since 2016 the year began preparing undergraduates core area within the framework of the State program of industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan for 2015-2016 in educational programs "Vegetable protected ground," "Organic farming" and "Field cultivation".