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Student life department of agriculture and plant growing

Every year students  actively participate in all events organized at the national level (Election of the President of Kazakhstan, "Nur-Otan", the opening of the monument "Kazakh Eli" and others.), at the city level (the Day of the City, Victory Day, environmental  voluntary Saturday work and etc.), at university level ( "First student autumn", KVN competition, amateur arts festivals, celebrating "Nauryz", Victory Day, etc.).

Every year 1-2 students are holders of diplomas of I, II, III degrees of  the Republican competition of research works.

As part of the socio-political, patriotic and legal education curatorial hours devoted to the Kazakhstan national holidays topic of discussion of the Annual message of the President, Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050"are usually held.

Students operates the scientific student circle "growers", and organized a meeting with the heads and specialists of relevant organizations with an invitation to give lectures and excursions.

In the University there is organized the scientific student group "Plant grower", and meetings with the heads and specialists of relevant organizations, who are invited to give lectures and excursions.

In  spare time, students actively attend various public organizations (Student Parliament, the youth wing "Jas Otan", Alliance of students KazATU, Student union Student Council, Debate club "Amanat", Guardians of Law and Order, image group "DIAMOND" mobile group), 18 sports sections at the University, Faculty of social professions (Student Theatre "Akzhelken", the Orchestra of National Instruments "Shabyt" Composition vocal performers, KVN team "AGRARKA", Dance ensemble "Shattyk").