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The Department of Plant Protection and Quarantine

Since 2010 S. SeifullinKazakh agrotechnical University was one of the first universities in Kazakhstan whichstarted to prepare specialists in the field of "Plant protection and quarantine". In 2013 the Department "Plant protection and quarantine" was opened at the Agronomy faculty.

The main direction of the Department is the teaching and training of future specialists in the sphere of plant protection and quarantine. The Department trains specialists in 5B081100 – "Plant protection and quarantine", 6M081100 –"Plant protection and quarantine", 6D081100 – "Plant protection and quarantine".

The main direction of the Department is the teaching and training of future specialists in the sphere of plant protection and quarantine. The Department trains specialists in the field of education “6B08 -“ Agriculture and Bioresources” and the specialties - B077 “Phytosanitary Safety”, M131 – “Phytosanitary Monitoring ”, D131 - “Phytosanitary Technologies”.

According to the staffing table, the composition of the Department “Plant Protection and Quarantine” consists of 21 teachers, 23 of them are doctors of Science, 2 academicians, 6 PhD, 9 candidates of Science and 2 masters of Science. The support staff includes 1 senior laboratory assistant and 2 laboratory assistants.

The basis of the educational programme of the specialty are courses: General and agricultural entomology; General and agricultural Phytopathology; harmful nematodes, mites, rodents; chemical and biological plant protection; phytosanitary monitoring and the forecast of development and spread of harmful organisms; plant quarantine; plant immunity, etc. From 2014in the specialty 6М081100-"Protection and quarantine of plants" launched multilingual training.

The teaching staff of the department annually publishes educational and teaching literature. The recently published textbooks include the textbooks, such as “Phytosanitary Technologies for Crop Cultivation” (in Russian), “Technology for Processing and Storage of Crop Production” (in Kazakh), “Innovative technologies in teaching of disciplines on specialty “Plant Protection and Quarantine” (in English), “Plant protection in ornamental crop production” (in Russian), study guides “Chemical plant protection products” (in Kazakh), “Biological plant protection” (in Russian), etc. The organization of the educational process includes conducting methodological seminars, open lectures, master classes and round tables. So, the teachers of the department conducted methodological seminars on the topics "Organization and conduct of professional practice", "Scientific research work with students at the stages of bachelor and master's training", master classes on the topic "Preparative forms of pesticides and methods for their use", open video lectures "Diagnosis" Of the disease of potato plants by immunochromatographic test", "Ecology of pests of agricultural crops ".

5 laboratories (plant biotechnology, plant optimization, plant pathology, entomology and specialized agrochemical laboratory), 1 phytotron and 2 research center (scientific innovative center of phytosanitary monitoring, plant protection and quarantine, scientific and educational innovative center of agrobiological research) are used for educational and scientific purposes.

The scientific research conducted by the department is included in the Republican programs in priority areas for the development of agricultural science and have both theoretical and practical significance.

Currently, the department under the research plan is conducting research on 2 topics of grant financing for the budget program 055 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 3 topics of the targeted funding project for the budget program of the Ministry of Agriculture, 7 contractual funded topics. It should be noted, that the department conducts research on 2 international projects in conjunction with China.

At the department, a new line of the phytosanitary state of ornamental and flower crops as well as ornamental crops in general has been started and is being intensively developed. In this regard, the teaching staff of the department D.T. Konysbaeva, V.S.  Gorbuley and Z.Sh. founded the collection Fund of living plants for scientific research and as a methodological support. This direction is supported by scientific connection with the Botanical Garden of Nur-Sultan city, JSC “Astana-Zelenstroy” and other business entities.

The staff of the department published for 2014-2019. more than 20 scientific articles in the journals of the Scopus and Web of Science base, more than 50 articles in the journals of the list of the Committee for Control in Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 9 innovative patents were received.

List of the latest publications of the faculty of the department, included in the Scopus and Web of Science databases.

There is a close cooperation with the relevant organizations inside the country. According to the signed agreements, the students had industrial and research practices on the basis of the A.I. BarayevKazakh research Institute of grain farming and Kazakh research Institute of plant protection and quarantine, Kazakh Institute of Agriculture and Plant, branches of the Republican state institution "Republican methodological center of phytosanitary diagnostics and forecasts" of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Republican state institution "Phytosanitary", State institution  "Republican centre of plant quarantine", and other agricultural enterprises. The head of practice are teachers of the Department and specialists from enterprises and institutions, thereby expanding the introduction of dual education. Students of 2-4 courses are held educational practice on campus of S. Seifullin Kazakh agrotechnical University.

Graduates of the specialty "Plant protection and quarantine" will be able to realize themselves in the public service in the sphere of plant protection and quarantine; scientific-production structures of the Ministry of agriculture; all types of agricultural enterprises crop profile; centres of phytosanitary diagnostics and forecasts; centres of plant quarantine; the laboratory of biomethod, biofactories; border quarantine posts; various commercial firms.

The Department is headed by doctor of agricultural Sciences K.M.Mussynov.

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Information on educational programs of undergraduate (5В081100 Protection and Quarantine of Plants) and graduate (6M081100 - "5В081100 Protection and Quarantine of Plants ")
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