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Arystangulov Semby Salmanuly


Candidate of agricultural Sciences,

 Associate professor of department

"Plant protection and quarantine"

 Office 7413, phone: +7(7172) 31-75-50

Research interests
Agriculture, crop production, forage production and plant protection

Agricultural crop protection, Integrated plant protection,  Modern means of plant protection

Main directions of research

Crop production, forage production and plant protection.

Research projects

- 2015-2017. The principal target of the project Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"The selection of drought-resistant annual fodder crops for uninterrupted supply of animal feeds in the summer - autumn period the acute shortage of fodder in the desert-steppe zone of the South-East of Kazakhstan".

- 2015-2017. "Development of measures of state support of development of intensive farming systems in the scientific and technical program

Development of modern farming systems for different soil-climatic zones of Kazakhstan" the target program of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

- 2016-2017. the United Nations Development Programme in Kazakhstan "Rendering of services on economic valuation of ecosystem services in the Ile-Balkhash pilot areas" pilot project, an expert on pastures.

1969 - 1974 scientist, Kazakh agricultural Institute, agronomy Department, Almaty

1979 - 1981 graduate school of the Kazakh research Institute of meadows and pastures, Almaty

Work experience
1974-1976.  Agronomy department, senior agronomist, chief agronomist in the farms of  Pavlodar  region.

1977-1978. Senior researcher of Pavlodar state agricultural experiment station.

1982-1989. Junior researcher of the Kazakh research Institute of grassland agriculture.

1989-1991. the head of  Pavlodar branch of  SPU "Kazaksel" MA of  RK.

1991-2013. associate Professor, head  of the Department "Agriculture and plant growing",  Kazakh national agrarian University.

2013-2015.  Professor of  Department  "Agricultural technology" of the Toraigyrov Pavlodar state University.

2015-2016. leading researcher of the Kazakh research Institute of plant protection and quarantine.

From September 2016 associate Professor of the Department "Plant protection and quarantine" of  S. Seifullin Kazakh agro technical University.

Awards, diplomas
-  Best teacher of the University of RK, 2009.
- Internship at V. Vavilov all-Russian research Institute of plant production (Certificate, Saint-Petersburg, 2010)

- Internship in the Siberian research Institute of agriculture (Certificate, Omsk, 2014)

National and international meetings

- Meeting with experts, international consultants on locusts,  FAO professors A.V. Lachininskii, E.V. Kambulin, F.A. Gapparov. – Astana, 17.11.2016.

- Seminar-meeting with Maria Pobozniak, Associate Professor, PhD, Cracow Agricultural University, Poland on the theme "The main directions of plant protection in organic farming in Poland." – Astana, 09.12. 2016.

Published more than 200 scientific and methodological works, including 17 textbooks, 5 innovative patents of RK. According to the results of research work as an expert of the international organization UNDP by theme of environmental issues, in 2015 released 30 textbooks. Co-author of scientific papers in journals, included in the Scopus database.