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Azhbenov Valery Kenesovich

    Sc.D., Professor, Academician of the

    Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the

    Republic of Kazakhstan

    Office 7402, тел. 8 (7172) 38-09-14


Sphere of scientific  interests

Phytosanitary monitoring and the forecast of development and distribution of harmful organisms (particularly S. dangerous pests of agricultural crops), Agroecology, pest risk analysis in plant quarantine

Delivered Disciplines

Innovative methods of protection of plants against especially dangerous harmful organisms, and innovative methods in plant quarantine, pest risk analysis of quarantine pests, methods of phytosanitary monitoring and forecast of harmful organisms of agricultural crops

Main directions of research

Protection and plant quarantine, phytosanitary monitoring of harmful organisms of agricultural crops.

Research work

- 2015-2017 budget program 055 by the MES: "To develop methodical bases for preventive technologies of phytosanitary monitoring of especially dangerous Italian locust (Calliptamus italicus L.) in order to reduce the pesticide load on the environment" Scientific supervisor: D/SC., Professor, academician V. K. Azhbenov.

Graduate and PhD students working under the guidance

  1. Tsvigun


1958-1963, Kazakh State. Agricultural Institute, diploma with honors P # 699048 on specialty "Plant protection", qualification – scientist agronomist;
1968-1971, post-graduate of the Kazakh research Institute of plant protection, Candidate of biological Sciences (Diploma IBA No. 016085, VAK of the Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the USSR, Moscow, 21.07.1972.
1996 - Doctor of biological Sciences (diploma FD No. 0000431. Higher attestation Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the decision dated 29.03.1996)

Work experience

He has scientific - teaching experience of more than 50 years.

1963-2000.   –   Kazakh research institute of protection and quarantine of plants, junior researcher, senior research associate, head of the laboratory, head of department, Alma-Ata 

1993-1996.  –  AGU of a name of Abay, Alma-Ata.

2000-2006. - RGP "Fitosanitariya" of the MCX RK, first deputy director, Astana.

  1. – International Academy "Turan Pro", SHK Center, director, Astana.

From 2000 to today – the Kazakh agrotechnical university of a name of S. Seyfullin, the head of the department, professor, Astana.

Awards and Honours

- Gold medal vdnkh of the USSR (1990) .

- Medal "Veteran of Work" (1990). 

- Certificate of honor KACXH (1992). 

- Certificate of honor MCX RK (2000).

- Medal "40 years from a rosselkhozakademiya, 1969-2009" (2010).

- Courses of increase of scientific qualification of employees of scientific research institute and higher education institutions, Moscow, MGU,1972.    

- The high state courses on patent science, the certificate No. 037501, Moscow, 1975.   

- Courses of increase of scientists of the top skills, Moscow, VASHNIL,1979.   

- Courses of increase of the expert in modern computer facilities, certificate E No. 014861, Alma-Ata, 1990.   

- Courses of increase of scientists, Alma-Ata, KAAS, 1990.   

- Courses on immunity of plants and a biological method, St. Petersburg, VIZR, 1992.

National and international meetings

- International scientific-practical conference "Organic agriculture in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Present and future. – Astana, 30 June - 01 July 2016.

- Meting with experts, international consultants on locusts, FAO professors A. V. Lachininskii, E. V. Kambulin, F. A. Gapparov. – Astana, 17.11.2016.

- International scientific-practical seminar

"Bacterial blight of fruit crops: environmental aspects and control measures". - Almaty, 24-27 August 2016.

- International conference of the FAO on locusts. - Almaty, 2000.

- International Symposium in the Centre CIRAD. – Paris (France), 2002.

Published works

Azhbenov V.K. has published 140 scientific works, including 3 monographs, 15 recommendations and guidelines for the agribusiness of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation.