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Department of Plant Protection and Quarantine international cooperation

In the Department of international relations of the University and the Department are available  contracts with international organizations of near and far abroad.The University Department of Bologna process and academic mobility regulates the mobility of students and staff. If in 2014 6 students of the specialty were trained under the academic mobility program, in 2015 8 students were trained, and in the period 2016-2018 2 students were trained annually in academic mobility at the Krakow agrarian University and the University of Hugo Kollontay in Poland. In 2019, 1 student of the specialty passed the internship program "Logo" in Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Mengen, farm "Obsthof Kiechle".

In 2016, 2 employees of the Department in the framework of the state program of innovation and industrial development were trained at the University of California, Davis (USA). In 2017-2018, 2 employees completed international ITEC courses in the Republic of India and 2 employees completed MASHAV training in Israel. In June 2016, the Department held a meeting with doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor of Belgorod state national research University (Russia) V. A. Korobovю In November 2019, a meeting with international consultants and experts of the FAO UN on locusts, professors Lachininsky A.V., Kambulin E. V., Gapparov F. A. was conducted. Also, on 22.11.2018, the Department organized an international scientific and practical video conference "Phytosanitary safety: integration into the scientific and educational space" with the involvement of scientists from Kazakhstan, far and near abroad.

In the period of 2014-2018 academic years Professor of Krakow agrarian University (Poland) Maria Pobozniak conducted a course of classes for students, Master and PhD students of the Department.

The Department has international links with foreign universities and chemical companies: AgroParisTech (France), Academy Claas (Harsewinkel BR Deutschland); University of California, Davis, (USA, G. Davis);University. Ben-Gurion University (Israel, tel Aviv); Krakow Agricultural University (Poland, Krakow),Beijing University (China, Beijing); Agricultural University- Plovdiv (Bulgaria, Plovdiv); Moscow state University (Russian Federation); Novosibirsk state University (Russian Federation); research Institute of the South-East (Russian Federation, Saratov); the research Institute of agriculture (Russia, Saratov); the research Institute of grain legumes (Russia, Orel); Company Synqenta (Switzerland), Bayer, BASF (Germany), Leighton Agrio (Hungary), August Silk Agrokhim (RF). In addition, a bilateral Memorandum was signed with The Plovdiv agricultural University (Bulgaria, Plovdiv) on bilateral training of undergraduates in the specialty M131 - "Phytosanitary monitoring".