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Musynov Kazhimurat Mayrambekovich

Doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor, head of

Department of protection and quarantine of plants

Office 7406, tel: +7(7172)31-75-50


Sphere of scientific  interests

Crop, breeding and seed growing, plant protection (the development and implementation of modern saving technologies of cultivation, sowing qualities of seeds and seed production comparative evaluation of new promising varieties, the study of phytosanitary state of crops, legumes and oilseeds).

Delivered Disciplines

Crop production, technology of storage and processing of crop production, deep processing of grain.

Main directions of research

Crop, breeding and seed production 

Research projects

-2015-2017. Project supervisor "Increase in productivity of oily cultures by the development new saving technology of impact in the conditions dry steppe zone of Northern Kazakhstan"on budget program 255 of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

- 2015-2017. Project supervisor "Increase in productivity of new promising grades of leguminous crops by the development of saving technology of cultivation on the basis of different technologies of soil processing for conditions of dry steppe zone of Northern Kazakhstan", on budget program 217 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Graduate and doctoral students working under the supervision

Graduate student - Aknur Myrzagalieva, Sagatbek Sumble, Balanbaev Dair

PhD student – Bisembina Bibigul.

1981 - 1986 - Tselinograd agricultural Institute, agronomy Department, agricultural scientist.
1990 – 1994 -  postgraduate studies at the Department of Crop of the Kazakh agrarian University.
Work experience

1986-1989 - Tselinograd Agricultural Institute, he worked as a junior officer of the Department of  Plant.

1989-1995 - Assistant Professor of Department of  Plant.

1995-1997 - Senior lecturer of  Department of  Plant.

1997-2000 - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture.

2000-2001 - Head of the Department of  Plant.

2001-2002 - Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2002-2004 - Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture.

2004-2006. - Vice-rector for scientific affairs of S.Seifullin Kazakh State Agro-Technical University.

2 006-2007. - Associate Professor of  Department of  Plant.

2007-2012 - Head of the Department of Department of  Plant.

2012-2015 - Professor at the Department of crop and agriculture.

Since April 1, 2015 Head of Department of Plant Protection and Quarantine of the S.Seifullin Kazakh State Agro-Technical University.

Awards and Honours

- Medal "S. Seifullin KATU 55 years", 2012
- A state grant "Best University teacher – 2007 and 2015"
- Honorary worker of education of Kazakhstan, 2012

Advanced treining courses
- Seminar "Teaching, advising and research in the agricultural sector in Germany", national project "improving the competitiveness of agricultural products, 2010
- Training seminar "the Study of modern educational programs on specialty "agro-technology" in the framework of the international project "Tempus" No. 517313-- -- TEMPUS-1-2011-1-IT-JPCR "environmental protection through development and application of sustainable agriculture technologies" (EPASAT), 2012

National and international meetings

- International scientific-practical conference "Organic agriculture in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Present and future. – Astana, 30 June - 01 July 2016.

- Meeting with experts, international consultants on locusts, FAO professors A.V. Lachininskii, E.V. Kambulin, F.A. Gapparov. – Astana, 17.11.2016.

- Department meeting with Doctor of agricultural sciences, professor of Belgorod state national research University, Russia – Korobov Viktor Alexandrovich on seminar theme "The main directions of development of biological methods of plant protection in Belgorod National Research University". – Astana, June 30, 2016.

- Seminar-meeting with Maria Polozniak, Associate professor, PhD, (Cracow agricultural University, Poland) on theme "The main directions of plant protection in organic farming in Poland." – Astana, Dec. 9, 2016.

Published works

The author of over 180 scientific papers. The most important in the presented directions:

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