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Student life department of Plant Protection and Quarantine

At the Department the educational process and educational work united and have a common direction. Educational work with students is conducted during the educational process in accordance with the approved plan, the Department of educational work. The main objective is to prepare qualified specialists corresponding to international standards, able to navigate the market conditions. The curators of student groups are responsible for educational work.

Students of the specialty "Protection and quarantine of plants" take an active part in the University, the city and other events. Students organized meetings with leaders and specialists of profile organizations with an invitation to give lectures and excursions.

Great prospects in terms of practical training of students have the international program "Students of Syngenta Kazakhstan".It operates a permanent student circle "Phytodoctor". It is composed of students of 2-4 courses. Educational work takes place through the prism of specialization is attracting students to scientific-research work, consultations and other forms of group work.

Nonresident students live in the student hostel №5 and №8 in good living conditions.

Traditionally, students held a meeting with scientists, national leaders of enterprises and institutions. For example, leading researcher of Kazakh research Institute of plant protection and quarantine, doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor M. K. Koishybaev on topic "Diseases of agricultural crops and modern measures against them", with the Director of state institution "Republican methodological center phytosanitary diagnostics and forecasts", candidate of agricultural Sciences E. T. Ainabekov on topic "Phytosanitary state of agricultural lands of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2014", with the Director of a private company "BMF ART" V. A. Senkevich on topic "Modern methods of fumigation of grain and other agricultural products during storage".