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Utelbayev Yerlan

PhD, senior lecturer of department "Plant  

protection and quarantine"

Office 7405, phone: 8 (7172) 31-75-50


Research interests
Crop production, breeding and seed production, plant protection.

Teaching disciplines
Storage technology and expertise of crop production, Herbology

Main directions of research

Crop and seed growing, plant protection 

Research projects

-2015-2017.  "Increasing the productivity of oilseed crops through the development of new saving cultivation technology in dry steppe zone of Northern Kazakhstan" under the budget program 255 of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

- 2015-2017. "Increasing the productivity of new promising varieties of grain legumes through the development of saving technologies of cultivation on the basis of different technologies of soil treatment for conditions of dry steppe zone of Northern Kazakhstan" under the budget program 217 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Graduate and PhD students working under the supervision

Baimuldinova Gulnaz

Of 2005-2009. S.Seifullin KazATU , «Bachelor»
Of 2009-2011. S.Seifullin KazATU , «Masters»
Of 2009-2011. S.Seifullin KazATU , «doctoral student»

Work experience

2009-2010. laboratory assistant of Crop department.

From 14 March to 31 August 2011 agronomist Gardener at S.Seifullin KazATU

2011-2012. laboratory assistant of Crop department at S.Seifullin KazATU.

From  January 4 to October 3, 2012 Assistant of the Department "Crop, Agriculture and Plant Protection" at S.Seifullin KazATU.

2013-2015.  Assistant of the Department "Agriculture and crop production» at S.Seifullin KazATU.

2015-2016. Assistant of the Department "Plant protection and quarantine».

From September 2016 Senior lecturer of the Department "Plant protection and quarantine» at S.Seifullin KazATU.

Awards and Certificates

  1. Second place in the Republican Subject Olympiad last Wednesday of agricultural and veterinary professions ҚazNAU, Almaty, 2009.
  2. 2. The owner of the categories "Best academic student" in the "Student of the Year - 2011" passed among university graduates and students of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


  1. The certificate of professional development at Novosibirsk State Agricultural University, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation, 2010.
    2. The certificate of completion of scientific training in the Plovdiv Agrarian University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2014.
    3. The certificate of completion of scientific training in ARSRIF, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation 2015.
    4. The certificate of advanced training at Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russian Federation 2015.


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  2. Producing Capacity of Safflower on Dark Brown Soils of the Northern Kazakhstan Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia, December 2014. Vol. 11(3), 1121-1130 (Scopus, SJR-0,11)
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