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Architecture Faculty


Architectural faculty is the noticeable phenomenon not only in the history of higher education institution, but also in system of higher architectural education of the republic. It is characterized as the interesting original architectural school.

In the whole  period of work more than 1500 experts, the majority of whom hold the leading positions in the architectural organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad are trained by faculty. The faculty is considered one of leaders in the Central and Northern Kazakhstan on the profile

Architectural faculty consists of two departments:

Training of specialists is implementing according to 2 specialties:

The teaching staff  of Architectural faculty includes more than 40 highly qualified specialists among whom there are 5 doctors of science, 15 candidates of science, 1PhD, 5 masters. Among them 5 teachers have an academic status of professors, 5 - associated professors, 2 teachers are owners of “The best teacher of higher education institution” rank,  18 are awarded by various departmental awards and diplomas, 5 teachers hold lessons in English.

Nowadays at two departments “Architecture” and “Design” there are more than 500 students, 15 undergraduates and 2 doctoral candidates. Educational cycles are provided employment the teaching staff in number of 49 people.

Quality of training of faculty students and graduates in integral over the last ten years corresponds to high traditions of training of architects and designers in S. Seifullin KATU.  An indicator is traditionally large number of students take part at the S. Seifullin KATU scientific conferences, victories in prestigious scientific competitions and the Olympic Games of various levels. A specialty demand in labor market, rapid career development of our graduates create attractive image of faculty and among entrants.

The faculty is equipped with modern equipment, there is a specialized library on architecture and design with fund more than 17 000 volumes of educational, scientific and standard literature. Training is conducted in specialized auditoriums on drawing, painting, composition, design, architectural design and computer design and in a model workshop. 


In educational process at faculty the studio method of training in the Master class form is widely used. Lessons are conducted in the masterful leading experts’ architects of the city headed by our graduates. These are firms: “VL”, “Bureau-Arkh”, “Studio-Arth”, “Astanagenplan” SRDI,  “Zharnama-Astana”, “Kalibri-Astana” “Astanaproyekt” and others where along with all-vocational studying, training in special objects is carried out and time to real design is allowed. A third year the most capable students are invited in architectural firms of our graduates where they after the graduation of higher education institution accept for permanent job. Obtain a job of graduates of faculty in 2015 has made 100%.

The faculty cooperates with 15 universities and the scientific organizations from 5 countries of the world. In the Republic of Kazakhstan partners of the center are 20 enterprises and organizations.

In 1992 the architectural faculty of S. Seifullin KATU is brought in the world catalog of architectural schools. The faculty is a member of the International Public Association of Assistance to Architectural Education (IPAAAE) at MarkI.

24 years the doctor of architecture, professor Kornilova Alla Aleksandrovna headed Architectural faculty. Now acting dean of architectural faculty is a candidate of architecture Kiselyova Tatyana Aleksandrovna.

History of faculty
Faculty staff
Research and innovative activity
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Reception of applicants for 2016-2017 academic year

5В042000 (5 years), 6М042000 – “Architecture” 5В042100 (5 years), 6M042100 – “Design”
Professional activity: public and private engineering firms, city and regional departments of architecture, advertising and modeling agencies, higher education institutions and specialized colleges, research institutions.