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Faculty of Land Management, Architecture and Design

 Faculty of Land Management,  Architecture and Design

The land management faculty was organized in 1958, the architectural faculty in 1965. The training began with the admission of students for full-time and part-time studies. According to the order No. 857-N of December 26, 2017, in the plan for implementing the University's strategy for transformation into a research university like Nazarbayev University, the land management and architecture department is integrated into one faculty: "Land Management, Architecture and Design".

Over 5,500 specialists have been trained for the whole period of activity of the faculties, most of them occupy leading posts in the land management services of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, 1500 specialists, most of whom occupy leading positions in architectural organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Dean of the Faculty of land management, architecture and design is the candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Abeldina Rauza Kaltaevna. Prior to the reorganization, Abeldina R.K., since 2001, also headed the land management faculty.

As part of the Faculty of land management, architecture and design, there are 3 departments:

Scientific and educational center of GIS technologies

Training is carried out in 6 specialties:

The faculty of the department of land management, architecture and design includes 98 teachers, including 13 doctors, 30 candidates of sciences, 1 PhD, 5 teachers have the academic title of professor, 16 assistant professors, 39 senior teachers and assistants, including 25 masters of science. Five teachers have the academic title of professors, 27 teachers are awarded various departmental awards and certificates. Nine teachers conduct classes in English.

The faculty is equipped with modern equipments, there are specialized libraries with a fund of more than 80,000 volumes of educational, scientific and normative literature, cadastre, land management, assessment, geodesy, architecture and design. The training is conducted in specialized audiences in land management, AIS land cadastre, assessment, geodesy, drawing, painting, composition, design, architectural design, computer design and in the mock shop.

To support the educational process and carry out scientific research at the faculty there are 6 computer classes, the "GIS Technology Center", which is responsible for the level of equipment with all necessary requirements, which includes the following laboratories:

  • "Land management and cadastre";
  • "Estimation of resources";
  • "Geomonitoring and remote sensing"

The Training Center of GIS-technologies makes a significant contribution to the development of GIS technologies and the application of the data of Kazakhstan's ERS and SIDS. It is equipped with modern equipment and software for practical training of specialists in the field of applying GIS-technologies. It has modern technologies used in the educational process: the capabilities of the ERDAS IMAGION program for processing remote sensing data of the Earth, a collection of field geodetic data that consists of CREDO software and modern geodetic instruments, modern plotting programs used in digital mapping. It contains all components of the quartet of spatial information GIS - RS - GPS - Internet / Internet /, is also equipped with a board and data channel.

Scientific research is conducted in the directions of the formation of the automated land cadastre system, ecological sustainable land use, land and other real estate valuation, development and construction of territories.

In terms of implementing innovative technologies at the Departments "Land Management and Geodesy" "Cadastre and Evaluation", the following software is used in the educational process:

  • ArcGis program, v.10 (on disciplines "AIS of land cadastre", "Formation of multifunctional AIS of land cadastre", "Cadastral zoning of territories", Land valuation and land cadastre)
  • AUTO CAD program (in the discipline "Inventory and registration of real estate", "Land use planning", "Land graphics")
  • Corel draw program ("Cadastral Zoning of the Territory", "Fiscal Cadastre", "Soil Bonitization and Land Assessment", "Land Assessment and Land Cadastre", "Geodetic Work in Land Management").          

In the learning process of the department of architecture and design  the studio method of teaching in the form of "Master Class" is widely used. Classes are conducted in the workshops of the city's leading practitioners-architects, headed by our graduates. These are the companies: VL, Bureau-Arch, Studio-Art, Research and Development Institute Astana Gen Plan, Zharnama-Astana, Calibri-Astana, Astana Proekt and others, where along with general professional training, special training is provided subjects and time is spent for real designing. Starting from the third year, talented students are invited to architectural firms where after graduation our graduates are recruited.

The faculty cooperates with foreign and domestic universities and scientific organizations. The partners of the faculty are 38 enterprises and organizations that carry out dual training in order to improve the quality of practical training of students.

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