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Faculty of veterinary sciences & animal husbandry


The faculty of Veterinary and Animal husbandry technology is one of the leading in Kazakhstan in its profile. The faculty was formed by the merger of two faculties of veterinary medicine and the faculty of technology in 2009 (PR. No. 129 of 10.03.2009), which were founded respectively in 1972 and 1964.

During the whole period of activity, the staff of the faculty has trained more than 10,000 specialists, many of them hold leading state and administrative positions in various departments, organizations of the agricultural sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad. 

The Faculty has six departments:

General information

Currently, the teaching staff of the faculty includes 112 highly qualified specialists, 83 of them with a degree, including 11 doctors of science, 58 candidates of science and 14 doctors of philosophy (PhD), the degree is 74.1%. 18 teachers are holders of the title "The best teacher of the University" and 14 teachers teach classes in English.

Over the past 3 years, four faculty members have won the grant "The best teacher of the University" and 5-the state scientific scholarship for talented scientists. Four teachers of the faculty entered the target doctoral program (2-in Universities abroad, 2 in Universities of Kazakhstan).

In order to ensure the educational process and research at the faculty there are 31 laboratories that meet the level of equipment all the necessary requirements. Since 2017, a joint Kazakh-Chinese Biosafety laboratory (BSL level 2-3) has been functioning. 

The main research is carried out in the following areas:

  • epizootological monitoring and assessment of the risk of infection and disease of animals using information and communication technologies;
  • scientific support of veterinary well-being and food safety, development of methods for assessing the quality and safety of livestock and crop products, including GM products, evaluation of food products contaminated with mycotoxins, non-traditional methods of treatment and prevention of animal diseases, diagnosis and prevention of infectious diseases, development of veterinary and sanitary measures, organization of production of resource-saving feed additives;
  • development of lake-commodity fish farms, their assessment of bioproductivity and development of biotechnical methods of growing new aquaculture facilities in different conditions of fish farms in Kazakhstan;
  • development of various test systems for disease diagnosis;
  • increase of genetic potential of productivity, improvement of technologies of feeding, maintenance and reproduction and studying of adaptive qualities of farm animals in the Central and Northern regions of Kazakhstan.

Students (students, undergraduates and doctoral students) are also involved in the research work of the faculty):

To ensure scientific research on aquaculture, the Department opened a scientific and innovative center of fisheries, which is located in the University building.

The faculty cooperates with many universities and scientific organizations from around the world. In the Republic of Kazakhstan, 59 enterprises and organizations are partners.

Students of the faculty participate in external academic mobility. So, for the 2018-2019 academic year, 45 people participated, and 16 students came to us for this program.

Every year, the faculty holds a "job Fair" for graduate students, where employers from public and private organizations are invited. During the meeting with students, heads of enterprises conduct interviews and conclude employment contracts.

Employment of graduates of the faculty in 2018 amounted to 81%. In the national rating of the Independent accreditation Agency and rating in 2019, two specialties of the faculty took 1st place, three specialties-2nd place, one specialty-3rd place.

The Dean of the faculty of Veterinary and Animal husbandry technology is Doctor of Veterinary sciences, Professor  Abdrachmanov Sarsenbay Kadyrovich .

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