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The Department of Veterinary Medicine

Specialty Veterinary medicine specialists are trained since 1972 in Russian and since 1991 in the official language of full-time training on the basis of the general - secondary education. Course duration 5 years.

The Department is issuing specialty in the field 6В09101 - "Veterinary Safety" graduate 7M09101 - "Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal diseases", PhD 8D09101 - «Veterinary Welfare of animals». The first graduates was carried out in 1977.
The organizer and founder of the department is a member of the Great Patriotic War, Doctor of Veterinary Science, Professor Kadyrov N.T.
A significant contribution to the establishment and further development of the department made a doctor of veterinary sciences, Professor Dmitriev A.F., Professor V.M. Subbotin Medicine, candidate of veterinary sciences, associate Shakhmanov B.S., Pashentsev V.A.        
Currently the department has 27 professors, 2 doctors of science, 14 of them are associate professors, 3 doctor of PhD. The department has 5 owners of the state grant "The best teacher of the university": in 2008 - Terlikbaev A.A., 2010 – Abdrakhmanov T.Zh., Dzhakupov I.T., Baykadamova G.A. and 2013 - Leader L.A., 2018 – associate professors Muhanbetkaliyev E.E., Usenbayev A. E.
In 2018, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor Abdrakhmanov T.Zh. was awarded the badge "Excellence in Agriculture".
In 2019, the award "Best Candidate of Sciences - 2019" was awarded to Ph.D. Zhanabaev A.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor Usenbaev A.E., Ph.D., Associate Professor Bisengaliev R.M.
Total teaching staff of the department conducted 16 courses for students of specialties 6В09101 - "Veterinary Safety», 13 disciplines for the specialty 7M09101 - "Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal diseases" and 5 disciplines for the specialty 8D09101 - «Veterinary Welfare of animals». Since 2015 started trilingual education in the specialty 7M09101 - "Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal diseases" and 8D09101 - «Veterinary Welfare of animals».
Three teachers of the department teach in bachelor degree in English and a master's degree and a doctorate, respectively, 1 teachers in English.Teaching staff of the department conducts educational, methodical, scientific and educational work. 

According to the department used a variety of methods of innovative technologies:
  • The discipline of "Veterinary surgery" assistant professor Kamsaev K.M. and senior lecturer Domanov D.I. at training students 4 courses in semester 7 6В09101 - "Veterinary Safety», based on the LLP Dog Training Center "Zoosphere" uses innovative methods of treatment of surgical diseases of dogs and cats;
  • on discipline " Veterinary obstetrics and gynecology " Doctor of Veterinary , professors Abdrakhmanov T.Zh. and Dzhakupova I.T. in teaching students 5 courses of specialty in the conditions of AF "Rodina" are used new methods of diagnosis and treatment of postpartum cows disease;
  • The discipline "Parasitology and parasitic diseases" Doctor of Veterinary , assistant professor Ibrayev B.K. - New methods of diagnosis , treatment and prevention of parasitic diseases of ruminants , using the latest achievements of veterinary science
  • The discipline "Internal diseases of animals with clinical diagnosis" assistant professor Terlikpaev A.A. during lessons using new methods of hematological studies the blood of animals, with the students 4 courses;
  • The discipline "Epizootology and infectious diseases" assistant professor Baikadamova G.A. and senior lecturer Muhanbetkaliev E.E. in the educational process for students of the 5th year specialty used to lectures 5-7 minute educational films on topics and accompanied with the use of a multimedia technology. During the practical exercises solve crosswords, puzzles and games are held business based on innovative technologies;
  • The department the following disciplines are conducted : "Internal non-communicable diseases ", "Clinical Diagnosis", "Obstetrics , gynecology and biotechnology of reproduction", "Operative Surgery", "Total and private surgery", "Hygiene and sanitation reproduction", "Epizootology and infectious disease", "Parasitology and parasitic diseases", "primary veterinary care", "Basics of veterinary" , "Diseases of animals and birds" that are taught in 4 specialties .
In the educational process, the following are used as a material base: the clinic of the faculty, the museums of the department, the material and technical base of the Joint Kazakh-Chinese laboratory for biological safety, agricultural and laboratory animals, a biochemical analyzer, a hematological analyzer, a urine analyzer, a sperm analyzer, interactive stands for artificial insemination , for surgical, obstetric and gynecological diseases.
In order to improve the quality of classes in the disciplines of the department and the passage of all types of practices, 65 cooperation agreements were concluded: with regional and district veterinary services of all regions and districts, AiyrtauAGRO LLP, AtamekenAGRO JSC, ZhanaBereke LLP ZhSh, veterinary clinics Nur-Sultan Zoosphere, Aqtaban, Astana.


The educational process is provided with the necessary materials (reagents, instruments, laboratory glassware) products and animal and vegetable raw materials.  

The department is headed by candidate of veterinary sciences, associate professor Mukhanbetkaliev E.E.

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