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Technical Department


Technical faculty began its history in October 1957 as the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization. In the course of its further development, stood out in 1961. The Faculty of Electrification of Agriculture (Energy Faculty) and in 1985 - Engineering and Pedagogical Faculty (Department of computer systems and vocational training) were divided from the Mechanization faculty. Throughout the period, material and technical base, methodical support and scientific and pedagogical potential of the faculty increased immeasurably.

Over the entire period, the faculty trained more than 10,000 professionals, majority of them occupy leading engineering and administrative positions in the national economy not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the CIS countries and abroad. The faculty is one of the leading the Central and the Northern Kazakhstan on their profile.

Technical faculty has 6 departments: 

The training of specialists is conducted on the following specialties of Bachelor degree:

The training of specialists is conducted on the following specialties of Master degree:

Doctoral degrees:

The faculty members of the Technical department includes more than 150 highly qualified specialists, including 14 doctors of science, 59 candidates of science, 3 PhD, 38 masters, 4 graduates of "Bolashak" program, 8 have the title of professor, 28 - associate professors and docents, 11 lecturer have "The best lecturer of the university" rank, 16 were awarded various departmental awards and diplomas, 17 teachers conduct classes in English.

In the learning process training and specialized classrooms, computer labs and science labs of the faculty are used, such as "Strength of Materials", "Fuel and lubricants vehicles", "Design engineering and support of production" "Materials and technology of construction materials", "Welding and metal working laboratory", "Metal working", "Mounting and exploitation of technological equipment», «Technology of food production", "Product technology of food", "Processing of meat and meat products" and etc.

The department has Kazakh-Belarusian center for professional training and retraining of engineering staff and the Kazakh-Chinese Center for Agricultural Mechanization. The Kazakh-German Centre for precision farming is opening.

The results of cooperation are reflected in regular joint publications in high ranking scientific journals, publication of joint textbooks and educational aids.

Since 2015 for the first time on the Faculty at the State program of industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan (SPIID-2) conducted profile training graduates of specialties 6M072400 - "Technological machines and equipment" and 6M072700 - "Technology of food products". Educational programs of SPIID-2 are developed in cooperation with leading scientists from the University of California Davis (UC Davis, USA) with professors Neal Van Alfen, Yubang Lee and Charles Field Shoemaker.

Research is carried out in the direction of the industrial-innovative development strategy of agro-industrial complex of the country.

The faculty performed 6 granted applied research topics by grant funding Science C ommittee MES RK, on 042 - "Applied research in the field of AIC" Ministry of Agriculture.

Graduates employability of the faculty was 85% in 2015. In the national ranking of the Independent agency for accreditation and rating in 2015 specialties of bachelor, master and doctoral 5В080600, 6M0806000, 6D080600 - Agrarian technique and technology took 1st place; specialized undergraduate and graduate 5В072700, 6M072700 - Technology of food products - 3rd place, undergraduate 5В072800 - Technology of processing industries – 3rd place, graduate 6M072800 – Technology of processing productions (on branches) – 2nd place.

Since 2001, the dean of the Technical Department is doctor of technical Sciences, professor Nukeshev O. Sayakhat.


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