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Department of Accounting and Audit

A huge contribution to the development of accounting education not only in the northern region, but throughout the country, is made by the Kazakh Agro Technical University named after S. S. Seifullin. The training of personnel in the specialty "Accounting in agriculture" at the Agricultural Institute began in 1961. To date, more than 5000 specialists have been trained in the field of accounting.
Department of Accounting and Auditing has been functioning  since  1964 under different names. The main areas of research and teaching activities of the department are the training of highly qualified specialists and research in the field of accounting and auditing , as well as economic analysis.

Training according to the specialty "Accountinging in agriculture" began in 1961. The Training  of bachelors on the specialty 5B050800"Accountingand audit"  started in 2004 in Kazakh and Russian languages.
The training according Master Program 6M050800"Accounting and auditing" has been carryied out at the university since 2013.
In connection with the transition to a three-level system of higher education at the university in 2016 the department offered the PhD on the specialty 6D050800 "Accounting and Auditing".
Currently, specialists are trained in the following educational programs:
  1. Bachelor of Business and Management on the educational program 6В04106 - "Accounting, Audit and Tax Consulting";
  2. Master of Economics in the educational program 7M04104 - "Accounting and legal support of business";
  3. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on the educational program 8D04103 - "Accounting and audit in accordance with international standards".
Department of Accounting and Auditing has the necessary human resources for the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of accounting and auditing. Currently, the department staff  consists of 25 people including 2 doctors of sciences , 3 doctors of PhD, 13 candidates of sciences and 7 masters. 7 members of the department are certified as professional accountants of the Republic of Kazahstan.
It should be especially emphasized that all the disciplines recommended by the International Federation of Accountants for inclusion in professional education programs are included in the training program for specialists at KATU im. S. Seifulin. In terms of content, the curriculum at the university is as close as possible to international standards approved by the UN Trade and Development Council.
The department takes an active part in the implementation of measures to promote the system of continuous professional education of accountants. On the basis of the department, candidates for professional accountants are trained under the program "Professional Accountant of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (certificate KZ53VNK00000307 dated 05.11.2020).
The department provides educational process with all the necessary information sources: textbooks, teaching materials, teaching aids and development in various academic disciplines, handouts and guidelines for independent work, electronic textbooks, access to online educational resources. Students have free access to the special information source of sitevia e-University Library.
A broad range of special software is used at the department  when conducting training process, including IBM SPSS statisticaldata analysis,Project Expert, Audit Expert, MatLab, 1C-Accounting 8.0.
In the field of the students' practical training there is an active cooperation with the leading enterprises, such as "National Holding KazAgro JSC",  Entrepreneurship Development Fund "Damu", "Economic Research Institute" JSC, "Kazakh Research Institute of Economics of Agriculture and Rural Development",  "KazAgroFinance JSC", JSC "ҚazaқstanTemіrZholy JSC", JSC "Kaztemirtrans JSC ", "Synergy-Audit LTD", and others.
The staff of the department pays great attention to the research with active participation of the students.
Scientific research is conducted in the following fields:
  1. "Accounting, auditing and internal control for the improvement of organization management efficiency"(state registration number №0113RK01183, Z. Nurgazina);
  2. "Economic Problems of the Sustainable Developmentof Agriculture in the  Northern Kazakhstan" (state registration number 0105RK00036, T. Kussainov).
  3. Development of the automated system for adaptive management and optimization of the production and marketing processes in agricultural enterprises (T. Kussainov, 2017-2020);
  4. The systemic assessment of the impact of qualitative characteristics of human capital on business performance and optimization of the professional staff training and retraining policy (T. Kussainov, 2017-2020).
  5. "Methodology of analysis and optimization of the socio-economic model of a rural district (based on materials from Northern Kazakhstan)" (state registration number AP09259525, head T.A. Kusainov, 2021-2023)
The department is headed by the candidate of economic sciences Baydakov AK.

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