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Applicant’s on-line registration

On-line registration is wired for data input about the applicant who enters our university.

Brendbook-2020 KATU

This registration is carried out for the applicant’s convenience during the including in the university:

1) an applicant can fill out all the offered fields in order to save dwell-time in the selection committee without leaving home;

2) on coming to selection committee an applicant registers its own line and  provides all the manuscript records to technical secretary.

3) All the filled out data are checked one more time by secretary and only after that the applicant signs printed out application.

The whole including procedure takes about 5 minutes!

Applicant’s on-line registration


You can fill out this form at any convenient time from any computer at home or in the office connected to the Internet.

Applicants who used on-line registration remark considerable saving of personal time in comparison with traditional way of documents’ submission (filling out standard form by hand) in order not to wait on line.


Technical secretaries of the selection committee confirm applicant’s data in AIS "Platonus" only after verifying with manuscript records.

The qualitative filling of the electronic registration form reduces by half the time of documents’ submission.