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Carrying out candidates’ selection for participation in an external academic mobility


Within the implementation of the external academic mobility program, the International Cooperation and Multilingual Education Development Center (further –IC and MEDC) is carrying out candidates’ selection for participation in an external academic mobility in the 2019-2020 academic years. The information will be available on the KATU website, the bulletin board (1st floor), in the dean's offices and departments.

Students wishing to try out for the academic mobility program should approach the IC and MEDC of the main building at the office. 1310 until Febrary 6 for registration. Students / undergraduates who have a valid international certificate are asked to submit certificates in advance to the e-mail address:

- IELTS – not less than 6.0;

- TOEFL – not less than 550;

- DELF – not less than В2;

- TFC – not less than В1, В2;

- DAF – В2, С1.

For the purpose of evaluating the English language proficiency level of candidates(without certificates, but should have at least B2 level) testing of a computer format will take place on 10 Febrary, 2020 between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., which will be held in the 1103, 1107 computer classes, and between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m in 1307 and 1307a computer classes: (ID card is required).


  1. Candidates studying by state scholarship and self-financing
  2. GPA coefficient is not less than 3, 33 for the last academic period
  3. 2-3 course students (four-year education), 2-4 course students (five-year education) and 1 course master students

The candidates, who have the above listed internationally recognized certificates with sufficient level, are admitted to the next level-interview (to check certificates’ copies originality and to be registered, candidates must bring them to IC and MEDC):

Documents of candidates, who successfully passed testing and who have existing above-mentioned internationally recognized certificates, will be send to MES RK. Results of testing will be available at dean's offices, departments and the bulletin board.

You can get additional information at IC and MEDC (office 1310 of the Main building). Tel.: 31-77-19, e-mail: