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Department of science

The role and development of science, scientific and innovative activity today are the central sector during development of KATU as a research university of high level, with high educational standards, outstanding scientific results and the expressed positive influence on innovative development of agrarian and industrial complex of the country.

Having deep historical roots, developed system of staff training on the basis of indissoluble unity of educational and scientific processes, KATU has all necessary infrastructures, highly qualified administrative and scientific personnel. 

Fundamental and applied scientific researches in the field of agricultural economics; plant growing, agriculture, agro chemistry and soil science, plant protection; microbiology, veterinary science and animal breeding; biotechnology of plants and animals; land use planning, mechanization and electrification of agriculture, and also humanitarian directionare conducted at the university.

Research institutes are formed; scientific centers, laboratories, design office actively function for the purpose to increase the efficiency of scientific research in the university.

In 2020  Science Office of the University was reorganized into the Science Department. Today its primary activity is directedto the realization of scientific and technical programs focused on the priority directions of the State program of forced industrial-innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, active introduction of scientific results through educational process, dissemination of knowledge and commercialization of technologies, development of the competitive scientific potential participating in the solution of priority tasks on a wide range of scientific directions and also development of effective mechanism of university integration with research organizations of Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of  Science and Education and other departments in the sphere of research work execution.

The Department of Science is a structural subdivision of the University and in its activities reports to the Deputy Chairman of the Board for Scientific and Innovation Affairs Tokbergenov I.T.

Тokbergenov Ismail Tassanbiyevich

Deputy Chairman of the Board for Scientific and Innovation Affairs

Tel .: +7 (7172) 31-75-64


Science Department staff:

  1. Kiyan Vladimir Sergeyevich– Head of the Science Department, PhD, associated professor, e-mail:;
  2. Kalakova Maral Yersainovna - Chief manager for the coordination of scientific and technical programs;
  3. Zharylgassynov Sayan Serikovich - Manager in planning and organization of scientific and technical programs, Master of Veterinary Sciences;
  4. Kokumbekova Nazym Kumysbaevna - Manager for dissertation councils and postgraduate training,e-mail:;
  5. Sauganbaev Arman Umiralievich - Patent Specialist;
  6. Nurmukhanbetova Aigul Adilzhanovna - Head of the Commercialization Office, Master of Economic Sciences;
  7. Myrzabayeva Malika Tolendykyzy – Chief Editor, PhD,


Office 1305, 3rd floor, main building, 010011, 62 Zhenis avenue, Nur-Sultan 

Phone: +7(7172) 39-55-48, 31-02-45