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Composition of dissertation councils

8D081 "Crop production" and 8D083 "Forestry" (6D080100 - Agronomy, 6D081100 - Plant protection and quarantine, D080700 - Forest resources and forestry, 6D080800 - Soil Science and Agrochemistry)

8D091 - "Veterinary Sciences" (specialties - 6D120100 - Veterinary medicine, 6D120200 - Veterinary sanitary)

8D07 "Engineering, manufacturing and construction industries" and 8D08 "Agriculture and bioresources" specialties 6D073200 – «Standardization and certification», 6D080200 – «Production technology of livestock products», 6D080600 – «Agrarian Technique and Technology»

8D014 "Training of teachers with a subject specialization of general development" (specialty 6D012000 – «Vocational training»)