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Information on projects within the framework of grant financing of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2021-2023 with a period of implementation of 12 months

AP09561922 «Development of a mathematical apparatus for the use of hyperspectral images for phytosanitary inspection of grain crops in aerospace photography»
№AP09562082 «Creation of impact-toothed hammers for intensive grinding of feed from animal waste»
№ AP09562617 «Development of the domestic energy, immunomodulation drink «BALKYMYZ»
№ AP09562068 «Investigation of the energy potential of biomass obtained after the synthesis of organic substances for the purpose of its secondary and full use».
№ AP09561711 «Introduction of the gene pool of the grass pea for the actualization of cultivation in Northern Kazakhstan».
№AP09562459 «Creation of a prototype of a gear pump for agricultural machines based on a biaxial connection».