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Information on projects within the framework of grant funding of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2021-2023

№AP09260956 "Scientific and methodological foundations for the organization of the educational process in the conditions of distance learning at the Agricultural Research University"

№AP09259983 "Development of a rapid test for the diagnosis of Salmonella abortion in horses based on monoclonal antibodies."

AP09259657 «Research and development of an automated proctoring system for monitoring students 'knowledge in the context of distance learning»

№АР09259673 "Development of an intensive device for drying, grinding, mixing particles of feed meal from animal waste"

№ AP09259969 «Environmental monitoring of water bodies in Northern Kazakhstan»

№AP09260260 "Development of biotechnical methods for artificial reproduction of pikeperch in a recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)"

№AP09259525  «Methodology of analysis and optimization of the rural county socio-economic model (based on the materials of the Northern Kazakhstan)»

№AP09260251 "Development of technology for producing Bi-HTS superconductor ceramics with high critical parameters"