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Scientific development is ready for implementation into production

In the field of veterinary medicine
- Drug-feed forms for the prevention and treatment of helminth infections of animals
- Set to indicate the agents of bovine tuberculosis by IFA
- Set for serological diagnosis of larval echinococcosis of animals by IFA
- Set for serological diagnosis of bovine leukemia by IFA
- Set for serological diagnosis of opisthorchiasis method by IFA
- Methods for determination of residual chlorine in poultry meat
- Application of tissue products for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the reproductive function of cows
- IFA test system for the determination of residues of antibiotics in livestock production

In the field of animal breeding
- New high-yielding lines of sheep in fine and semi fine sheep breeding
- New high-yielding type of «Priishimsky» Kazakh black and white cattle
- A new type of sheep, meat, wool and fat breeding direction
- Method of artificial insemination of cows
- Technology of lamb as part of the NASSR concept

In the field of mechanization and electrification of agriculture
- An innovative implements for primary tillage with simultaneous application of fertilizers
- Information technology differentiated application of fertilizer in the system of precision agriculture
- Nanotechnology method of cleaning and disinfection of water
- Creation of the industrial design of energy-efficient melting of the reactor
- Chisel cultivator to make main dose of fertilizer with a minimum and zero technologies of cultivation of crops
- Energy-efficient house with a hybrid power supply system based on renewable energy sources
- Universal cabbage harvester machine CCM-1

In the field of crop production and farming
- Creation of a joint venture for the elite seed varieties «Baiterek» spring wheat
- Implementation of moisture preserving technology of cultivation of spring wheat
- Introduction of technology of cultivation of winter crops for the dry steppe zone of northern Kazakhstan
- Innovative method for optimizing nutrition of crops
- A new potato variety «Emdamdik kartop (Healthy potatoes)» for dry steppe zone of northern Kazakhstan
- Method of pest monitoring of dangerous pests of crops with using of global navigation satellite technology GPS/GLONASS
- The technology of cultivation of fodder crops in the green belt
-Technology of clonal micro propagation of Karelian birch in vitro