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About the appointment of the Presidential Scholarship

  1. The distribution of the scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan between organizations of higher and (or) postgraduate education for a calendar year is made by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  2. In turn, the Ministry of Agriculture distributes the scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan between three agricultural universities: Kazakh National Agrarian University, the S. Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University and the Zhangir Khan West Kazakh Agro technical University.
  3. The scholarship is awarded to full-time students from the 3rd year and undergraduates from the second year of study who study only with excellent marks (A, A-), both on the basis of a state order and on a paid basis. In exceptional cases, due to the absence of excellent applicants, the scholarship is distributed among applicants with one “good” grade (B +, B, B-, C +).
  4. The scholarship is awarded to the following categories of students:

    - winners of republican and international Olympiads, creative contests, sports competitions, festivals or who are the authors of discoveries, inventions;

    - having publications in collections of scientific papers, in republican and international scientific journals;

    - actively engaged in research work, the success of which is confirmed by diplomas, certificates;

    - taking an active part in the social, cultural and sports life of the university.
  1. When awarding a scholarship, the selection of applicants is carried out in the order of following criteria 3,4 of this regulation. Under equal conditions, the advantage is given to:

    - orphans and children left without parental care; disabled since childhood, disabled children.
  1. Candidates for the appointment of a Presidential scholarship are nominated by the councils of faculties, on the proposal of dean's offices, departments, public associations, or by self-nomination. The procedure for awarding the Presidential scholarship is prescribed in the QMS 02.2031-2019 "Regulations on the procedure of appoitment of the Presidential scholarship for students at NCJSC " S. Seifullin Kazakh agrotechnical University».
  2. The applicant for the Presidential scholarship makes an application applies to the Student Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the SSC) (A. Moldagulova St., 29D, general N. 8, room 104) with the following documents: characteristics, copies of personal diplomas, letters of thanks, letters of thanks, certificates confirming the results of research work and participation in the social and sports life of the university, an extract from the minutes of the faculty council meetings and a transcript of applicants for the Presidential scholarship for the entire period of study (the transcript is issued by the Public Educational Center). The SSC submits to the University Academic Council a list with full packages of documents of applicants.
  3. The appointment of the scholarship is carried out by order of the Chairman of the Board on the basis of a decision of the Academic Council of the University.
  4. A Presidential scholarship is appointed for a period of one academic period.
  5. Presidential scholarships can be awarded repeatedly to the same person by decision of the faculty council and the University Academic Council.
  6. Fellowships are paid monthly within the funds provided for in the republican budget for the corresponding financial year.