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Work with youth

Department of Educational Work was founded on January 17, 2012 according to the decision of the Academic Council of the university.
Educational work is one of the important parts of the educational process at the university, one of the necessaryprerequisites for improving the quality of specialist training and the best correspondence to the requirements of labor market.
The main purpose of the educational work in S.Seifullin KATU is the education of high moral, intellectual and physically healthy person - citizen and patriot of Kazakhstan capable to the efficient professional activity and responsible formaking decisions.

According to the approved concept the priorities of educational work in S.Seifullin KATU are the following:
- Formation of world-view and system of basic values;
- Moral, spiritual and aesthetic education;
- Civil and patriotic education;
- Development and strengthening of the state language;
- Legal education and prevention of crime;
- Improvement and development of student self-government;
- Intellectual education;
- Vocational and labor training;
- Formation of requirements for healthy lifestyle;
- Health-improving work and sport;
- Development of creative abilities of students;
- Ecological training.

Address:, Zhenis, 62 (main building), Room 1101
Tel. / Fax: 8 (7172) 31-75-25.

Deputy Chairman of the Board on Educational Work –Kussainova Zhainagul Aitmaganbetovna, Doctor of Philology
Tel.: 8 (7172) 31-75-25

Director of the Department of Educational Work –  Kukeeva Aigerim Askatovna, Master of Natural Sciences.

Address:Nur-Sultan, Zhenis, 62 (main building), Room 1104

Тel.: 8 (7172) 39-57-47

Senior specialist on Educational Work - Baydalina Gulden Erbolovna,
Master of Pedagogical Sciences.

Address: Nur-Sultan, Zhenis, 62 (main building), Room 1104

Tel.: 8 (7172) 31-75-25

Work area of the Office:

- Work on spiritual and moral upbringing and education of harmonious personality;
- Education of the youth in the spirit of patriotism, tolerance, respect for the state language, traditions and culture of the people of Kazakhstan;
- Activities inraising awareness of religious competence among students and in resistingreligious extremism;
- Support of healthy moral and psychological atmosphere among students;
- Interaction with the Center of Healthy Lifestyle and organization of meetings promoting healthy lifestyle and disease prevention;
- Monitoring the activity of the staff and subdivisions of the Office of Social and Educational Work;
- Generation of the current plans for various activities and organization of their implementation;
- Cooperation with district, city and national organizations on educational work with students;
- Organization and carrying out the workshops for university curators with the purpose of exchange of experience;
- Organization and carrying out the amateur art festival, KVN competitions, “dedication” of freshmen to students and other events;
- Organization of meetings of students with the representatives of law-enforcement agencies, the center of healthy lifestyle, prominent public men, writers, sportsmen, etc.
- Involvement of students into the city and national socio-political and cultural events.

There are also some offices functioning at the Department of Educational Work.
Department of Social Professions (OP) (Dean – Baysagatov Bekbolat Tokeshevich;
Deputy Dean of the Department – Rahimova Sholpan Kenesbekovna.

Deputy Deans of Educational Work

  • Agronomy Department: Khurmetbek Oktyabr;
  • Veterinary and Livestock Technology Department: Akizhanova Nazym Tursynovna;
  • Faculty of Land Management, Architecture and Design: Abеeva Nurgul Abutalipovna;
  • Department of Computer Systems and Vocational Training: Shahmetova Dinara Sapargalievna;
  • Technical Department: Kokaeva Gulnara Aitikenovna;
  • Department of Economics: Vuhtarova Zhadyra Erkinovna;
  • Energy Department: Zhaksybayeva Dana Koshanovna.

School of Curators in S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnica l University is a branchof the department. It is also the Council on Educational Workcoordinating the organizational and educational work of the curators.

The Council is headed by Zhusupova AA.

School of Curators of theUniversity is guided by the Law "About Education", State Program of Education Development of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 years, orders and instructions of the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan, the Charter ofS.SeifullinKazakh Agrotechnical University, the plan of educational work of the University, the decisions of the Academic Council of KATU, orders of the Chairman of the Board and the general concept of educational work of S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University.
School of Curators of the University operates under the guidance of the Board of Management of Educational Work of the University and in accordance with the plan of the school mentors for the academic year. (Work Schedule is made up annually at the end of the academic year).

The main task of school is to coordinate the work of curators in the process of educational work, strengthening the fundamental psychological and pedagogical training of curators in the students’ education.

Functions of Curatorial include the following:
- Coordination of educational activitiesof curators;
- Study and synthesis of curatorsadvanced experience in all areas of educational work (civil and patriotic, moral, aesthetic, environmental education, etc.), as well as to study the experience of educational work with students in other higher schools of the city and the country for implementation in practice of the University;
- Organization of lectures for curators on modern technologiesof education (forms, means and methods of educational work);
- Organization of seminars and training sessions for curators in providing psychological support to students;
- Development and publication of educational recommendations on education of students and curators’ work;
- Organization of conferences, round tables and other forms of exchange of experience in order to develop proposals for improving the content, forms and methods of educational work in higher education institutions of Kazakhstan;
- Assistance to curators who have no experience (beginners).

Directions of Curators’ Work in S.Seifullin KazATU:
- Review and synthesis of best practices of leading curators and lecturers -innovators;
- Organization of lectures for curators on modern technologies of education (forms, means and methods of educational work);
- Organization of seminars and training sessions for curators in providing psychological support to students:
- Organization of conferences, round tables and other forms of exchange of experience in order to improve educational work at the University.