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Address of the Chairman of the Board of KATU to students

Dear students!

For a year now, we have all been living in a pandemic that has made tangible adjustments to the everyday life of every Kazakhstani. Mostly the quarantine restrictions affected the educational process, and you had to face new conditions for learning. However, the past 2020 has shown that you have successfully mastered the distance learning format and continue to confidently move towards your goal - to obtain a high-quality higher education.

During this period, the leadership of the university has done a lot of work on organizing distance learning. The entire teaching staff of KATU in these difficult times is focused on the main thing - to give you the amount of knowledge that you would receive by attending classes.

Great attention is now paid to compliance with hygiene standards. Sanitizers have been installed at the university; entry without a mask into the building is prohibited. I urge you not to forget about safety measures and take care of your health and the health of your loved ones.


Chairman of the Board                  K.K. Aytuganov