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Club "Young researchers of food and processing industries"

In modern culture-specific concept of education, main role is assigned to the work of the department created clubs. Today’s goal of education is to create better conditions for the development and self-development of students, as well as the ability to work independently, to think deeper, and to make decisions. The work of the student in the club should form an integral system of universal knowledge, skills, as well as the experience of independent activity and personal responsibility of students, which determine the modern quality of the content of education.

The club "Young researchers of food and processing industries" works at the department "Food technology and processing products since 2015.


  •  Formation of full picture of chosen profession, based on acquired knowledge, skills, experience and methods of practical activities.
  • Deepening and expanding knowledge in the field of meat industry.
  • Gaining experienceof individual and collective functioning during performing of research work . Preparation for implementation conscious choice of professional orientation.
  • Improving the quality of preparation of students and undergraduates, effectively using the achievements of modern science in practical activities.


Educational: to promote students' personal fulfilment in studying specific topics of meat industry area, to introduce students with the latest achievements of science and technology, to develop cognitive interests in performing experimental and scientific research.

Educative: Training necessity of rational use of science and technology.

Developing: development of skills and abilities of students to work independently with scientific literature, the ability to apply practical knowledge in life, as well as development creative abilities, the formation of students' activity and independence.

The program of the club includes the implementation of research activities in accordance with the general rules of scientific research, such as the choice of the research topic; identification of the research problem; setting goals and objectives, identifying the object and the subject of research; the correct choice of research methods, selection and structuring of the material..

On January 19, 2018, the department took part in the project "Kazakhstan-Bread Paradise". The purpose of participation is the wide dissemination of specialties of the department, where the students of the club participated.

In April 2018, they took part in the vacancy fair, where they had conversations with students of fixed schools and their relatives. They invited schoolchildren to visit the scientific laboratories of the department, namely the "Experimental-production manufactory for processing meat and meat products", "Experimental-production manufactory for processing milk and dairy products", "Experimental-production manufactory for processing oil-bearing crops" and Experimental-production catering manufactory mini-bakery. Members of the club participate actively in republican and international scientific conferences, subject Olympiads, for the achievements of which they are awarded with diplomas and certificates.