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Creative clubs

Clubs that were created by the department of educational work

Clubs of the cheerful and sharp-witted created at faculties
"Anti stress" Club
Тоғызқұмалақ (Togyzkumalak) League Club
Chess League Club
Basketball League Club

Volleyball League Club
Football league Club
"Servants of order" Group
Association of owners «Алтын белгі» (golden sign)
Fan club "7 sector"
"Аmаnаt" Debate club
"New press" Club
"New wave" Club
«Көшбасшы» (Leader) Cognitive club
"English speaking club"
"Сымбат" (Slimness) Girls Club
"Empire of music" Instrumental Club
"Elite" Intellectual debate club
"Business and Entrepreneurship" Club
"IT-specialists" Club
"Nirvana" Guitarists club
Club for the formation of a healthy lifestyle «Сау болайық» (Let's be healthy)
«Шебер қолөнершілер» (Master craftsmen) club
Modern dance group "Arrow crew"
Club “ART KazATU”
"MassMedia KazATU" Club
«Истоки»( Origins) club

Clubs created at the Faculty of Humanities

Philosophical club «Abay»
"Dostyk" (Friendship) club
Philosophical Club "Таным" (Cognition)
"Young talents" Club
Club "In Search of Wisdom"
Student's social and political club «Society and Youth»
"Мирас" (Heritage) Historical circle
"Каламгер" (Kalamger) Literary and creative club
Student scientific club"Young philologist"
"Shanyrak" Club
Literary living room

The clubs created at department of foreign languages

French lovers club
English language club
German language club

The clubs created at faculty of arts and creativity

"Шаттык" (Joy) Dance Ensemble
"Шабыт"(Inspiration) Orchestra of folk instruments
Club cheerful and sharp-witted
"Ак желкен" Student theater
Vocal circle