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"Аmаnаt" Debate club

"Аmаnаt" Debate club participates and organizes debate tournaments.

"Аmanat" Debate club was established within the walls of our university in 1997. The original name of the club "Inside".

"Amanat" Debate club is a student club that contributes to the development of leadership intellectual qualities, oratory skills of young people, corresponding to a competitive personality, the leader of the XXI century.

The purpose of the club:

  • Promoting speech and speech skills;
  • Formation of personality, leader in accordance with the XXI century;
  • Development of competitiveness;
  • Formation of the skills of young people to analyze and make expert opinions.

Chairman of the debate club "Аманат": Mukatova Madina - a student of  KSPO faculty.