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"Anti stress" Club

"Anti stress" Club was created in order to educate young people in the field of psychology. Since in modern society the profession of psychologist is extremely in demand, and competent psychological help is sometimes necessary for people of all ages. Basic knowledge of psychology does not interfere with everyone’s everyday life. Participation in the club will teach students to correctly analyze psychological processes, to cope with everyday stresses and life difficulties, and also to teach how to apply acquired knowledge in practice.


  • Development of psychological and social competence of students through their involvement in active interaction with other members of the Club.
  • Development of the cognitive activity of the Club members in the field of scientific and practical psychology through participation in the study and discussion of issues of interest, preparation and participation in psychology events.
  • Teach to work and select information from different sources, quality or low-quality material.
  • Formation of positive self-perception and sense of their initial value as an individuality, value of their life and other people.
  • Formation of equal communication skills, culture of emotional expression, prevention and resolution of interpersonal conflicts, self-education and self-development.
  • Strengthening adaptability and stress tolerance, optimism in relation to reality.
  • Organization of thematic meetings, seminars, discussions, designed to promote the intellectual and creative development of Club members, their self-realization in the sphere of interests.

The club operates under the Department of Educational Work of the University under the guidance of psychologists-teachers M.G. Bukeeva, K.K.Kantarbayeva