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Basketball League Club

“Basketball League” is a team game between girls and boys that is organized by the student council of the dormitory number 2B of our university.


  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle and sports;
  • Promoting the harmonious development of students' flexibility and consistency through a basketball game;
  • Directing students to the effective use of free time;
  • To teach students to be in a team, personal interest not to put above the interests of the team, to be disciplined, to provide timely assistance to others;
  • To develop students' participation in sports leagues, to promote the development and strengthening of the basketball game;
  • Attracting students to cohesion;
  • Interaction with other dormitories, development and strengthening of the sport.

League organizer: The Student council of dormitory number 2B.

Chairperson of the student council dormitory: Saken Alibi, student of the energy faculty.

Sports sectors:

Zhelten Aidana – a student of energy faculty;

Sarsembai Alisher – a student of the energy faculty.