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Chess League Club

Chess League Club

The chess game between girls and boys among the dormitories of the S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University is organized by the Student Council of the dormitory № 8.


  • Propaganda of chess, because it can be called a universal simulator for the brain;
  • Promoting self-development, logic, memory, concentration of students' attention through chess.
  • Guidelines for the effective use of leisure for students;
  • To teach students to be purposeful, to develop will and character, to be disciplined;
  • To develop students' participation in sports leagues and to promote the development and strengthening of chess competitions;
  • Attracting students to creative opportunities, ability to learning;
  • Creating interaction with other dormitories, its development and strengthening.

League organizer: The Student council of dormitory number №8.

Chairperson of the student council dormitory: Zhanakhmetova Gaukhar, student of the ViTZH faculty.

Sports sectors:

  • Omirtai Danial – a student of ViTZH faculty;
  • Kayirbek Sholpan – a student of the agronomy faculty.