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Club «In Search of Wisdom»

The club «In Search of Wisdom» provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the basics of the profession of the philosopher, the main subjects of the philosophical cycle - the history of philosophy, ontology and gnoseology, ethics, aesthetics, social philosophy, philosophy of culture and religion. Classes at the Young Philosopher Club are not part of the preparation for the entrance exams, but allow students, together with teachers, to read and analyze the texts of the classics of philosophy, to organize debatable discussions and round tables on philosophical and social science issues.

Goal: to expand the philosophical and general cultural outlook of students, as well as to increase knowledge of the history of culture, the most important part of which is the history of philosophy.


1.    The revival of spiritual values

  • raising the national spirit
  • to glorify moral qualities as humanity, conscience
  • the formation of a deep understanding of the concepts of family, friendship, love
  • assist in keeping young wits

2.    Increase qualifications

  • reveal thinking abilities
  • obtaining modern knowledge
  • disclosure of writing and creative abilities
  • improvement of oratorical skills.