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Clubs of the cheerful and sharp-witted created at faculties


  • education of spiritual and moral qualities of students;
  • education of patriotism, citizenship, culture and sense of humor through the activities and performances of the teams at the games of CCS;
  • identification and development of individual creative abilities of students;
  • formation of a team capable of independent activities, actively participating in the cultural life of the university;
  • creation of cultural traditions of the university;
  • the formation of moral, spiritual and cultural values ​​and needs, the development of aesthetic, artistic taste of university students;
  • popularization of CCS movement at the university.


  • development of the participants` creative abilities;
  • development of stage skills;
  • formation of the ability to work with the audience;
  • creating a team of like-minded people united by creativity;
  • ensuring perspective and current planning of organizational and cultural-educational events and their implementation in the Club;
  • increasing the attractiveness of the S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University as a university, improving its image;
  • informing about the results of teams in the press, television and radio programs, on the Internet;
  • Providing opportunities for teams to participate in events organized by domestic, foreign and international CCS organizations.

Teams CCS«Ассорти» and «Интернациoнал»  at the Faculty of Agronomy

CCS team «Моя любимая команда» at the Faculty of Veterinary and Livestock Technology

CCS team «Біздің нұсқа»  (Our version) at the Faculty of Land Management, Architecture and Design

CCS team «Моника Белуччи»«Әжесінің балалары» (Granny’s children)«КСиПО құрамасы»  and «TWIX» at the Faculty of KS&PE

CCS team«Вкус лимона» (Lemon’s taste)«Жаңа тех» (New tech) and «Тех қыздары»  (Tech’s girls) at the technical faculty

CCS team «Сафари», «Эконом класс»  и «6 подруг Оушена»  at the Faculty of Economics

CCS team «Звезды своего факультета» and «Энергетики»  at the Faculty of Energy