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Club cheerful and sharp-witted

Club fun and resourceful established in 2005. Leader: Akylbek Danabekuly.

The purpose of the club:

• development of diverse abilities and realization of the mental potential of young people;

• education of a highly cultured, spiritual and moral generation based on knowledge of the language, culture, traditions and history of the Kazakh people,

• further development of civic engagement and awareness among young people;

• stimulation of cognitive activity;

• creation of conditions for intellectual, civil, creative and social development of young people;

• development of personal qualities aimed at the formation of a responsible, hardworking person, leader and organizer;

• formation in the young generation of responsibility, patriotism, desire for education and self-improvement, loyalty to the history of the Motherland, responsibility for the present and the future of Kazakhstan;

• to create conditions for the preservation of inter-ethnic and civil relations, the development of customs and traditions of the Kazakh people, the strengthening of spiritual values.

University team achievements:

• “Vice-champion 2014” of the Higher League of Kazakhstan;

• “Champion 2016”;

• Grand Prix in the nomination “CCS” at the festival “Zhastar Zhalyny”, 2016;

• 2nd place in the Republican contest "20 years of independence of Kazakhstan", 2016;

• “Champion 2016” in the republican league of CCS “Irtysh”;

• 2nd place in the game for the Cup of akim Semey, 2017;

• “Champion 2017” in the League of Astana;

• 2nd place of the Energo team in the CCS game of Astana.