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"Dostyk" (Friendship) club

At the Faculty of Humanities, the student club “Dostyk” conducts its active work, in which representatives of various nationalities who study take part at the S. Seifullin KATU.

PURPOSE OF THE CLUB "DOSTYK": nurturing students' feelings of Kazakhstani patriotism and national dignity; improvement of international harmony, strengthening the civil and spiritual and cultural integrity of the peoples of Kazakhstan.


•To Identify talented and gifted students of different nationalities, create conditions for the creative self-realization of young people, involve them in national cultural and social events.

• To develop among young people feelings of love for the Motherland and feelings of patriotism.

• To discuss topical issues relating to student life, university life, education in general, the development of comprehensive cooperation and the strengthening of ties with clubs of other universities.

• To contribute to strengthening the unity of nations;

• To preserve and develop the centuries-old traditions, language and national culture of the peoples of Kazakhstan.

• To form students 'national consciousness, to improve students' speech culture, to involve them in various events.

• To organize the activities of students, developing the creative potential of the individual.

29 students of the university are members of the “Dostyk” club, and teachers of the philosophy department are Kh.S.Abdildina, T.M. Sadykova,

The head of the club is a senior teacher of the philosophy department, master A.G. Gappasova