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English language club

English Language Club has resumed its work in S.Seifullin Kazakh Agricultural University since September 2017.

The aims of the English language club are:

  • Development and improvement of English speaking skills;
  • Non formal and entertaining communication in foreign language;
  • Introduction of the culture of English speaking countries;
  • Active participation in forming еру university community and support of culture traditions of the university.  

The objectives of the English language club are:

  • Facilitate interconnectivity among students of different universities, regions and countries;
  • Organizing workshops and masterclasses and seminars for teaching and developing English language skills of students;
  • Promote students’ participation in research and creative events: Forming active students group for further participation in scientific conferences, agricultural traineeship, in the programs of academic mobility, in international training programs and participation in international projects.  

   In the first half of 2017-2018 academic year, foreign languages department renewed the work of the English language club so as to develop extracurricular language training, to practice language skills and form linguistic environment for students. Club events are conducted in English.

     The club events are run by the teachers of the department and the students, whose English is good.

   Club members are students, master course students and the teachers of S. Seifullin Kazakh Agro technical University, namely the teachers wishing to speak fluent English.

   The work of the club focuses on raising discussions, introducing presentations of different themes, watching movies in an interactive mode.

   During the first half of the year the club members met twice a month (for example, round table, seminar, watching short films on definite themes with further discussion of the plot, presentation of films and do on).

   One of the first events of the club was devoted to the theme “What makes people happy” supervised by senior teachers of the department of foreign languages M. Baigoshkarova and S. Rustemova, the  event was organized and conducted according to the method of French methodologist Edward de Bono “Six thinking hats”.

   The following teachers – B.Ye. Alimzhanova and A.P, Abildina introduced the presentations on the theme “Relationships between parents and children”. During the presentation the members of the club watched the movie on the theme and expressed their opinions on the topic and the movie. Discussion took an interactive form. 

   The following teachers of foreign languages department – Kaikenov D.B. and Zhalelova G.M. conducted a role-play lesson of “Inventions. Robot technology”