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«Көшбасшы» (Leader) Cognitive club

«Көшбасшы» (Leader) Cognitive club

The educational club “Kushbashy” is organized to form among the youth a sense of Kazakh patriotism and civic responsibility, respectful attitude to state symbols, cultural heritage, language and traditions of the people of Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the club:

  • assistance in carrying out work among young people to promote national values;
  • Strengthening the spiritual connection between the older generation and youth;
  • increasing students' interest in national traditions, history of the country and love of country;
  • To work on attracting young people to creative work, updating knowledge on history, legal and political issues.
  • analysis and exchange of views on current issues of youth life in society. Establishing contacts with clubs of other educational institutions.

The club chairman is a student of the agronomy faculty Оmar Zhanylys.