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Philosophical club «Abay»

The philosophical club "Abay" is cultural and academic platform which is based on the philosophical ideas of Abay.

Purpose of the club “Abay”: by means of rich literary works of the great Kazakh thinker to help students to understand the national ideas, to comprehend great thoughts of the world and to define a national code. And also, by means of socially philosophical thought of Abay Kunanbayev to promote formation of system and critical thinking which will allow to bring up the personality capable to live in harmony with the world around.

Tasks of the philosophical club "Abay":

  • to develop philosophical thinking;
  • to impart to students the ethical doctrine of Abay “Become the person!”
  • to form complete worldview of  the younger generation with active civil position;
  • to draw attention of the students to the world of Abay;
  • to discuss the philosophical, religious and cultural issues arising in modern society;
  • to teach to reveal problems which challenge the modern mankind.