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Philosophical Club "Таным" (Cognition)

Philosophical Club "Таным" operates at the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Humanities. The club was previously called "Даналык" (Wisdom).

The purpose of the club:

Organizing and conducting events in the form of round tables, debates, debates on current topics of modernity and youth. Providing practical assistance to students on the way to finding and knowing the world, himself.

Objectives of the club:

• creation of conditions for the development of students' critical, creative and analytical thinking;

• education and training for students

• universal ethical values;

• formation of students' philosophical thinking to solve vital problems;

• instilling oratory skills;

• creation of intellectual students at the University.

Currently there are 33 students in the club. The club leader is a teacher of the philosophy department E.K. Arinov.